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Applying for Visa while in Oz

Guest Cowie555

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Guest Cowie555

Right Guys,


Not a Pom, Scottish(don't hold it against me) but stumbled across this site while looking for some answers to difficult questions. Seemed like many of you guys are clued up on Visas etc.


Anyway the story is as follows, me and my girlfriend came out here on working holiday visas in July(Melbourne). We then decided we'd like to stay a bit longer, so I applied for State Sponsorship, which I was successful with.


I have been offered a job, teaching, initially on a 12 month contract, starting the end of January which i have accepted. I am currently doing all the form filling and have just realised I still have to go through a skills assessment although I am registered to teach over here already.


I have now sorted all the relevant documentation to send away for this and the Visa application itself. I did however read that I must be offshore when the Visa itself is granted. This is worrying me, as my plan was to return home for 3 weeks or so during holidays in July before coming back out. I am now worried about having a Visa in place to do this job for the 12months I am now contracted to.


Can anyone shed any light onto how this works?


Also do I have to wait before I apply for police checks and get medicals done or can i do this in the near future, in the hope that the application will process quicker?


Has anyone been in a similar situation to myself and decided to apply for the visa whilst in Australia?


Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated,


Many thanks,



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