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Looking for rental in QLD over Easter....

Guest jenny4nails

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Guest jenny4nails



We are lucky enough to have been granted our visa (175) and if all goes to plan should be heading over to QLD (Sunshine Coast) March/April 2009.


for the 1st 4 weeks we plan to book holiday accommodation to use as a base while we do our rekkie and find an area we'd like to settle and HOPEFULLY secure a rental property. (We are looking from Caloundra to Nambour & inland).


What I'm wondering is, do you think over the Easter period would be an 'easier' time or even more difficult to find and secure a rental property? Just thinking if people are on holidays, then maybe they won't be going to view rentals....or do you think it'd work the other way...and as people are on holidays, have MORE time to go looking at rentals?


This is my biggest worry securing a nice rental property in a nice area. I've heard the competition is FIERCE for rentals...and with our having 3 little dogs with us.


We will of course be bringing all our references/statements etc to prove ourselves and to try and make things easier for ourslves.


I have read though that the government are making 'rent auctioning' illegal nest year and that they are to increase the termination period from 2 weeks to 2 months, so hoping that will make things a bit better.


If anyone has any advice....thoughts...or wants to share what they are doing...


I'd love to hear what you have to say.


Thanks in advance guys



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Guest rebekah

Hi there, I am new to this whole web forum thing, so I apologies if I cover things twice..I just listed our home for rent to day, and thought it might just suit you.


If I can find the link with all the blurb then I will send it to you. As far as the area goes, this is fantastic - right in the middle of everything, yet we are on a Isthmus so to speak in a quiet friendly neighborhood. Beaches all around, restaurants, cafe's a small drive,quick route onto the highway to Brisbane and North.


We have a small dog and cat also, so if your dogs are well trained, they would be no problem. Awesome walks for the dogs. I walk my "Dolly" to the beach every day :-)


We are big on area's ourselves and would find it hard pushed to find one that we like better. We have lived all over this area.


You can contact me direct on (07) 5493-8636 or rebekahpeat@hotmail.com if I can help.


All the best with your move....see if you can find the thread I wrote on the house in the rental part of this web site. :-)


Gota, run, taking the kids to the movies.....I'll check later to see you got this. By for now


Rebekah :-)

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