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Possum attack!!


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Sitting in the living room last night when there was a loud bang; a possum launched itself at our screen door, and climbed up the security screen bars to the top, right in front of us!

It looked at us, then thought better of it, climbed back down and ran off. We've heard them before in the night, running around on the roof etc, but this was 9.30pm, and all the lights were on, making it in full view. Scared the life out of me, but Richard just thought it was funny. Thought they were timid around people, but maybe not?







Jo x

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Guest Guest9973

:laughxmas: They are not as timid as you think.

We had a Mum with baby on her back that would hang down from the trees and take tid bits from us.


Still that must have made you jump!


They drive our dogs mental on a night,sure they tease them!:arghh:

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My goodness lol! I never realised they were that brave! I always thought you'd just know they were there and not really ever see them!


Dan xx :emoticon-signxmas:

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