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  1. Jo&Rich

    Roo spotting on the Gold Coast

    We used to see a lot when we lived in Coombabah, not far from you. Near the AWL off Brisbane Road, there are often some knocking about. On the other side, on Rain Tree Glen, off Pine Ridge Road, there is a long road that leads past a little airfield strip up to a water treatment place; we've often seen little gangs in that area. Lakeside Country Club on Brisbane Road has a golf course that has a few kangaroos knocking about if you play. We see the odd few about on Pacific Pines on occasion, they are awesome.
  2. Jo&Rich

    Playgrounds for 7 years plus

    Thanks for the heads up about the council info, will have a look later. My kids are 6, 8 and 9, and like Laguna Park at Palm Beach and Southport Broadwater Play Park (there's a big jumping pillow, rock pools water area, lots of things there). We on the northern end, and I usually just stay local, and take them to Flooded Gum Park in Maudsland (as we can walk there) and Central Park in Pacific Pines.
  3. Jo&Rich

    Proper Good Indian in Brisbane ?

    http://www.thespiceavenue.com.au/# Advertises as "British Indian Cuisine". I still haven't gone, but know several people who travel up from the Gold Coast, they rate it that highly.
  4. Jo&Rich

    North Goldcoast Meet Up

    Hiya Matt, we'll come. Me and hubby, kids are 9, 8 and 6. Jo
  5. Nah, you'll be fine in winter. Summer, in Brissy on the other hand... :wink:
  6. And arriving in Brisbane means theres also an Ikea to get household bits and bobs
  7. Jo&Rich

    Electricity and Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're with Origin for electricity and Telstra for phone and internet; don't think either are the winners on price or service! Have heard good things about TPG for broadband, so will keep an eye on this thread, cos am also interested.
  8. Jo&Rich

    Returning Home?? Advice

    We did similar, went back after nearly two years on a 136 visa (old version of 175). Three small kids, lack of family support. Just to add to Peach's reply, before we left, my hubby was able to do a tax return early stating he was leaving the country permanently (he was self-employed and wanted to pay what he owed). We ended up coming back to Australia after 4 months though, and have been here this time over three and a half years, getting citizenship last year. As you identified, you never know what will happen, and are best off to know where you stand. Best of luck whatever you decide x
  9. Jo&Rich

    Gold coast here we come!!!

    Hi, as Petals has mentioned, there are plenty of threads on the forum re the GC. We are in Maudsland, just behind Pacific Pines, (not too far from Hope Island) and have 3 kids, 9, 8 and 6, and are really happy with this area. It depends if you want to be nearer the beach, or nearer to work. We are on the northern Gold Coast, so it's much closer to Stapylton, but further from the beaches! We are well serviced for good shops, schools and amenities such as libraries, doctors, train station etc, and the motorway is close for easy access to Brisbane and the beaches. Most of the theme parks are up this end, so if you were to buy an annual pass it's great for the kids. TBH, you probably won't go far wrong whichever suburb you choose; it may be dependent on budget, rental availability, and your choice of proximity to work or the beach. PM me if you have any questions etc, and good luck with your move! Jo
  10. Jo&Rich

    More northerners than southerners

    Most English people I met on the Gold Coast were southern when we got here (2007), but now, I do seem to meet more northerners; sweet! (Yep, another Northerner here lol)
  11. Jo&Rich


    We renewed our UK ones from Aus too, it's starting to add up lol
  12. Jo&Rich


    Yep, we need to get them, but it is over $800 for the five of us :eek:
  13. Jo&Rich


    We have dual citizenship, and are keeping our British passports (actully, haven't got Australian ones yet, and have been citizens for a year). I think having a British passport may make travel around Europe easier?
  14. Jo&Rich

    Pics please!

    Coolum Beach Coolum Beach
  15. Jo&Rich

    Pics please!

    View from Burleigh Heads Surf Club at dusk Cockatoos having a drink from our pool View of the Broadwater from Castaway Bay, Seaworld