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Any Mechanical Fitters / Mechanical Maintenance Engineers in WA?

Guest Bianca

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:biggrinxmas: Hi

I am sending off my TRA next week........., hoping to go to WA sometime in 2009!

I am a Mechanical Engineer / Fitter (done both my trade and degree, but going to Oz as a fitter - I prefer being on the tools anyway!).

Would really like to chat to engineers/fitters already there (or on their way to WA), or just get in contact if you dont mind?


I am from Lancashire, rest of fam is wife and 3 children.


better go to bed now, hope somebody reply?? :notworthy:




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hi Christian.


I'll relate my OH's experience as he's a mechanic turned fitter, it might not be directly relevent as we're in Queensland and he's born and bred Australian with Oz qualifications, but hey.


You don't say what grade of fitter you are, I'm assuming truck-size rather than mining equipment. There's numerous opportunities available in the labour-hire market and city market for truck fitters, but without experience with super-heavy stuff you're very unlikely to get a look in with the mines. If mines are your intention get in with one of the town based guys like CAT, Terex, Komatsu or Detroit and get some experience, roughly 3 years is what you'll need before the major miners will consider you. It's easier through contract miners like Downer or Leightons, but beware they can be slung off site with very little notice; Rio Tinto (who the OH works for) is about to dismiss 8500 contractors, they probably won't touch their own technical staff.


Towns jobs are readily available though not so well paid, generally you'll do a 4/4 or 5/3 (12-10 hour days) rather than a 5/2, so don't expect to have lots of time with the family, you'll get 2 weekends in 6 or 8 together. Councils do regular work weeks, but the pay is shocking.


Hope this helps

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