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Found 104 results

  1. Hi everyone. I am new here and this is my first post, so if I broke any rules or made any mistakes, kindly guide me. I posted this question on other forum and was redirect here, which I think may help me answer some questions I have. So this is my story. I am from Malaysia and I graduated in B.Eng E&E from RMIT Australia back in Dec 2013. Long story short, things doesn't look good and I am unemployed until now. Any engineers under the permanent resident visa subclass 189, I have a few questions. So far the following is what I have found out: I need to nominate an occupation from the SOL. I intend to nominate Electrical Engineer, but I do not have any skilled employment so far. As far as I know, nominated occupation =/= I am working or have worked as the occupation before. It is basically required for skill assessment and also just a filter for the government to select what kind of skilled migrant they want to take, right? I need to obtain a skilled assessment from Engineers Australia. I have talked to EA regarding the assessment and they said the skilled employment assessment is optional. They also said that with my RMIT degree, a standard AEQ assessment is sufficient to get a positive result. The minimum points required to pass the skill test is 60. Based on the table given by DIBP, I have broken it down to the following: Note: This one is tricky. As stated in DIBP website: "One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet the Australian study requirement" I am guessing my RMIT degree falls under this description? The rest is not relevant to my situation. Now my total point is already 50 and I have no work experience. If everything goes by the book, I resit IELTS and get at least score of 7, I will get another 10 points and I will pass the minimum points required for 189. Does that mean theoretically I can get a PR without work? What will be my chances of getting invited? Any comment or advice is greatly appreciated. :ssign16:

    Biomedical Engineers ( Perth WA )

    Hi Anybody looking for a Biomedical Engineers Jobs or know of anybody who is looking to move to Perth and is in this field of work. The company I work for are currently looking for qualified engineers. Ideally having a visa or close to getting your visa would be a great advantage for both parties. Get in touch with me either on thispost or send me a PM with your details and I will forward them to the Directors Ian
  3. leeannekays

    Refrigeration engineers

    Has anyone moved to OZ on the Skill of Refrigeration Engineer? We are eager to move to OZ and are currently waiting to hear back from Vetassess. We are so eager to move to OZ, we went on holiday there last year and realised its the place for us. Any feed back from anyone would be great on any demand in certain places or if anyone is Refrig Engineers, how are you finding it? Leeanne
  4. Hello all, After a lot of dithering as to whether to or not, thought it might be useful to start this thread for all those Aircraft Engineers out there who are intending / or have already started / passed their TRA assessment via Victoria University. Our story: OH is avionics with 25 yrs military experience and we're all set to start our skills assessment, but we have been advised that we may be wasting our money as he doesn't hold civilian licenses or an 'official' log book. He's completed the initial online Tradeset assessment with no problems, so as an initial guideline we think this is a positive indication. We personally, and no doubt all others in the same situation, would be really grateful to hear of how your application is going, timelines whether you have civilian licenses or not, log books etc. Any advice you can give really. I do know that clarification on this issue has been been requested by at least one migration agent ( to both Vic Uni and TRA) but as yet a definitative reply hasn't been given from either to say if they are a pre-requisite or not...very frustrating! Our understanding is that under the previous guidelines, before the assessment switched to Vic Uni, that you didn't have to have civilian licenses and that providing a very in depth breakdown of jobs, experience, tools used etc. (all signed off) was sufficient. Is anyone out there in a similar situation or had their assessment application acknowledged /approved without licenses? Thanks, E&A
  5. :wacko:Hello to everyone at PIO, I am a British Telecoms Engineer with over 10 years experience, just wanted to find out if any other BT Engineers managed to get to OZ, and if so HOW!!!!????? Any advice, contact emails or numbers would be great. I hope to hear from someone soon, so I can start the ball rolling! From Stan:unsure:
  6. Hi my name is Adrian and I work for an international consulting engineering company. We are actively looking for the above engineers to work in our Bunbury Office in South West WA. The office is based two hours south of Perth and is classed as a region and after the recent announcement by the Govt that they will require new migrants to work in regions this will assist you in obtaining your visa. The company will look to sponsor you on a 4-5-7 visa and will assist with your relocation and application. Please PM me if you would like to be considered for our vacancies and I will pass your cv onto my Director. thanks Adrian Principal Technical Officer/Project Manager GHD Bunbury
  7. I hope my experience is helpful to any engineers trying to convert to the Aussie licence system. I am a type rated B2 engineer in the UK but also hold a B1 with no type ratings, and have had issues with my electrical cover as the Aussie licence system does not gel with EASA 66 licences. I have been granted Instrument and Radio credits in line with my A320/21, A330, B757 & B767 but have lost my meager electrical cover afforded to me by my B2 (no grandfather rights) CASA do not recognise LWTR's and will only grant you the credits towards an Aus licence if you hold a type on your licence and a company approval for at least 6 months related to your UK licence. I have held my B1 for over 6 months and have carried out an A330 B1 type course I also have over 10 years experience on type with a log book to support the last year or so, I am awaiting an engine course so I can apply for my UK type rating (end of this month). Even with this ammount of supporting data CASA still would not grant me my electrics on the A330. My life now hangs in limbo as Visa's are in place and job in Perth is waiting. If anyone needs any help converting their licences or understanding the CASA licencing system I have now got a reasonable understanding of how to apply and how it all works thanks to my misfortunes let me know and I will see fi I can assist. :arghh:
  8. Hi All, My company has secured overseas preferred supplier status with 2 major mining companies. We now have open roles in Queensland, Central NSW and WA. We need a Senior Mining Engineers (7+ years / Underground), Mining Engineers (upto 5 years / Open Cut) and a Senior Geotechnical Engineer (7+ Years / Metalliferous environment). Anyone interested, please drop me a line. Many thanks. Adam
  9. Hallfamily

    Environmental Engineers

    Does anyone know if there is a need for Environmental Engineers in Oz?
  10. If you have experience in any of the above and would be interested in living and working in Newcastle NSW. Its near Port Stephens and Lake MacQuarie in the Hunter Valley with access to Sydney in two hours (but not Sydney house prices). Port Stephens and Lake MacQuarie are fantastic holiday areas and the Hunter Valley is a world renound wine region. House prices are generally lower than most othe Australian cities. The company I am working for are specifically looking for:- Control Systems Engineer of all levels from a few years post graduate experience to senior people with experience of Rockwell, Siemens or Schneider PLCs, Citect SCADA and or Fieldbus and industrial ethernet. Electrical engineers and drafters again at all levels. Electricians with experience of installation and or commissioning. I will check the posts every few days and hopefully any one looking to migrate can send me their cv. Providing short term accomodation for the right candidates has been mentioned by the companies HR manager.
  11. Guest

    Vetasses or Engineers Austraila

    Hi people, I am about to apply for working visa to Oz. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering which complies with the Washington Accord system but have been working in construction for the past 10 years. I understand that Engineers Austraila are quoting 12 weeks and Vetasses are quoting 16-20 weeks. I need to get my application in by July 1st 2012 and Vetasses would be cutting it close to the line. With my degree and working in construction would I be better off applying to Vetasses as a construction Project manager or as a Mechanical Engineer with the Austrailian Engineers?? The Project Manager in construction description with Vetasse actually best suites my area of work. The Engineers Austraila occuptation description is a bit more broad based. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks,
  12. In a bit of a dilemma but hoping it won't really matter. My husband has just received his skills assessment back from Engineers Australia and they have classified him as an electronics engineer. We were expecting it to be an electrical engineer as his degree is in electronic and electrical engineering but the last 6 years of his work experience have been as an electrical engineer. He's only actually worked for 1 year as an electronics one. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so was the experience as an electrical engineer closely related enough to that of an electronics?? Thank you!
  13. We are urgently seeking Engineers (Mechanical, Structural and Construction), as well as discipline engineers. These positions are in Gladstone Central QLD, and would appreciate any interested parties to get in touch with me . We are looking for people with 6-10 years experience ideally. ******We are an approved 457 Sponsor, with possibility of sponsoring right candidates
  14. Hi, Just looking to get in contact with some fellow Civil Engineers. Especially ones that are already in Oz so I can fire a few questions at them :biggrin:
  15. Hi there, Please could you let me know where I can find the State Sponsorship list for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) - 323112 I have tried searching the DIAC but getting nowhere fast. Thank you for your help :cute:
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. I am an engineer currently working for a contracting company in Ireland with 10 years behind me mechanical background. Mech installations overseeing works, on site co-ordination meetings that kind of lovely stuff! Seriously thinking of moving over there for a few years with my partner. What part of Oz would anyone recomend? Any good websites recomended or agencys? What kind of salary should I be looking for?
  17. Hi all, Im a mechanical engineer with 18+ Years experience and a wide range of the Mech eng world. Im just leaving the Army and am looking to move to Melbourne (where my parents and Brother live already) Im looking for somthing in the managment / PM / continual improvments manager and would love to here from anyone who is working/ looking to work in the sector. Im over in Melbourne all of december visiting family anyway so hope to set up a lot of job interviews, (my visa app wil be submitted 1 Sept when I have my confirmed leave date from the forces). Any pointers and ideas on the best way to attack the job market in Oz would be great.:biggrin: Many thanks in advance for all those replying.
  18. Hi all. Does anyone out there work for an automotive manufacturer down under? I currently work at Jaguar land Rover in the UK and am keen to move to oz next year, have done some research and it seems melbourne is the place to be.. correct me if i'm wrong? Any advise is very very welcome as im keen to get the ball rolling after a 5 week trip to oz over xmas which i'm massively excited about :cool:
  19. Guest

    Lift engineers

    Hi just wondered if there are any lift engineers on the site and who you work for? I have nvq3 and was not sure if this qualification is recognised in oz, any advice would be great, thanks guys:biggrin:
  20. We are urgently seeking Engineers (Mechanical, Structural and Construction), as well as discipline engineers. These positions are in Gladstone Central QLD, and would appreciate any interested parties to get in touch with me . We are looking for people with 6-10 years experience ideally.
  21. Looking for input from any Civil / Geotechnical Engineers that are currently working down under. What is the current state of the construction / mining industry down there? The girlfriend and I are currently looking at our options for our future and we are both open to moving abroad. We are both 27, she has an Msc and is working as geotechnical consultant with 3 yrs experience, I have a Beng in Civils and have been working as a Geotechnical Engineer for 2 Site Investigation contractors and currently for a ground stabilisation contractor as a site agent. All in I have about 3 yrs experience too. Does this sound like we could get work down there or do we need more experience? Finally, what could we expect to earn down there? From a quick online search it seems:- Graduate / Junior Engineers - $40-60k 3-5 yr experience - $50-80k 5yr + - $80-120k Senior / Chartered - $150k+ Does this sound correct? could this be earned working for a consultancy in the city or is this more inline with the mining industry? Thanks for any input.
  22. Hi guys, my first post on here and im not used to forums etc but here goes!! Me and my fiancee are looking to move out to Perth in the next 18 months / 2 years. Im a qualified gas engineer and if my understanding is right, i need a minimum of 12 months experience in the UK before i can go for a visa for Oz (please correct me if im wrong!) As many others have undoubtedly posted these questions before, what is the current situation in Perth regarding the need for gas engineers and the availability of jobs? Plus what should be my first step in terms of looking to get qualified over there (re-assessment and all). Again, so many questions yet so little time! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!!
  23. WeegieDave

    Civil Site Engineers

    Just looking for some chat with any Civil Site Engineers who have made the move to Oz. Just wondering how easy you found getting a job over there and what sort of salary you earn. I am HND qualified with 6 years experience working for contractors on a range of different projects from highway upgrade scheme to major construction projects. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers :cool:
  24. We urgently need Rail Engineers and Coastal Engineers for positions in Sydney. Sponsorship available, great salaries. Please pm
  25. Hi, As per doucument check list for document to uploaded its stated satisfactory skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment. If you applied for an onshore GSM visa please also provide evidence of when you applied for your skills assessment Do we also need to submit the CDR report submitted to Engineers Australia or should wait for CO request (if required) ? Thanks