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Where to study a PGCE in Oz?

Guest danitw

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Im a Brit currently living in Hong Kon but I want to come to Oz to study for my PGCE.


I just want to know if anyone can help me with which university offers the programme and which ones are considered to be the better ones?



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I am not sure that the PGCE is taught as such in Australia. However, there are post graduate teaching courses you can do. It's not as simple as that though!!! You need to have your current qualifications assessed in the state you will be living in. They will then tell you whether you need to just study something like a post graduate diploma for a year or whether you will have to do some additional study as well.


A friend of mine had a first degree and a masters in physcology. I just had a normal science degree. We both had our qualifications assessed and I did not have to do any additional study, but she had to do an extra semester of English in order to satisfy the requirements.


Good luck!




PS What sort of visa are you coming on? If you are PR then that is fine - you pay the course fees upfront, but it's not much more than Australian Citizens pay - they get a discount for paying upfront or pay the same as you, but on a loan. If you are on a temporary visa you would have to pay the full international student fee which would be HUGE!!!! Also, try to find a course where you get a "Commonwealth funded place" it's makes it much cheaper.

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