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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am in the very early stages of looking at the possibilities of a move to Australia for my family and me.

I have twenty years experience in retail with fifteen years of this being at managerial level. I have obviously acquired a wide range of skills throughout my career ranging from managing and motivating staff, training, HR procedures through to working with company KPI´s, auditing, profit and loss, achieving targets and visual merchandising skills.

Although I consider myself to be at a professional level within my field, unfortunately retail management is not a recognized skill on the Australian entry requirement. Therefore, I am looking to utilise my knowledge and experience into a closely related area where I am able to gain entry into Australia. The most relevant skilled position that I can see is for an HR officer but this would require me to study for three years at university to gain a degree. My current situation doesn´t allow me this flexibility so I am looking for advice or ideas from people that may have more knowledge on the Australian entry system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Nikki Bishop

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