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Going solo in Sydney!

Guest roscoepico

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Guest roscoepico

Hi all,


Getting very excited about touching down in Sydney on 1 Jan. Have a few friends there already but very much up for digging my own path and not relying purely on their networks, especially seeing as they're coupled up and quite settled into the city already.


I'm looking to do a month or so travelling first before knuckling down to get some work. I'm a journalist so am looking for as many contacts and doors in as possible and, more importantly, some like minded people for fun in the sun!


I'm a Londoner and a lover of city life but grew up in the backwaters of Wales so definitely keen on escaping into the great outdoors too - basically up for as much random experience as possible. Right enough harping on, if anyone's got any tips concering ANY of the above I would love to hear from you - even if it's just to say hi!




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Hi Roscoepic


Don't have any tips other than enjoy!

Hope all goes well for you,




Same here!


Lots of Luck Ross...!!!




Dan :emoticon-signxmas:

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Guest tomatohead

hi ross ,

one trip id give the thumbs up to is fly up to cairns and stay in one of the backpackers up there you can do cape tribulation which is so cool and barrier reef , then back down the coast rd stopping in the backpackers on the way its a great trip and can take as long as you like, you will pick up lifts from people who are doing the same thing and can stop and start as you like , you meet so many people its amazing , one place to check out is the backpackers information in the dymock building on george st in the CBD they have one of the best notice boards in sydney where people will post jobs , thing for sale and things like car going to such a place one more person wanted to share fuel , as well as flights and cheap travel , if you can get your hands on a student card it will save you an arm and a leg


have a good one tom

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