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Found 13 results

  1. Came to Melbourne a month ago and I have been staying with family ever since I've found it hard to get out there and spark conversation with random people, given the environment I know there wouldn't be an issue I am a naturally talkative Person I think it's the fact that I'm away from people in a similar situation and I'm living in one of the suburbs where the average age is around 80 aha, thinking of moving to Sydney for a while going for an explore ect any suggestions would be great, x
  2. Hi 21 Year old male, land in sydney on the 3rd March and staying with Family for a bit and then ready to explore and work my way around the country ( and get a second yr extension too ) Not sure dates or nout yet, i have a flight there booked and supposed to fly home on the 21st March but prob wont happen now as i have lost my job in UK get in contact!:biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Hi im traveling to sydney in the first week of july 2013. im going alone and just wondering who else will be about?
  4. Guest

    Teacher flying solo...

    Hey everyone, I currently link in the UK and I've just recently decided to emigrate to Australia for a new start in the next 18 months or so. I'm a secondary school teacher in my second year. So far, I've only taken the Online Skilled Visa Assessment which I passed and I'm now starting to think this is something I could really do! I'll be going on my own, which doesn't worry me, but I do want to make sure I plan and prepare as much as possible to make the transition as smooth as possible. Not too sure on the best place for a single young female to relocate to so I'll need to start doing my research. I was planning on emailing various states in Australia to see what was available and then I guess taking my application from there. I'd greatly appreciate some advice about where to settle and how to start the ball rolling. Also, it'd be great to hear from anyone else who has taken the plunge on their own! What was it like? How is it going now? Thanks Ashes
  5. chrissy23

    New and going to Australia Solo!

    Hey Everyone, I just recently started the application process to move to Oz. Im a primary teacher and so am having to apply for SS to SA. I have dreamt of moving to Australia since I was a little girl and cant believe I am now doing it. Problem is I am going alone! Very nervous about making such a big move solo Just wondering if there is anyone with any advice or similar experiences etc I ideally wanted to wait a few more years to make the move (I am only 23) but with the application process always changing and the declining need for primary teachers , this is now my only chance. Slightly worried about leaving a permanent job that I love and all my family and friends - just because I have this dream! Australia is an amazing country - just hope I am doing the right thing! Anyone who can give me some support/advice please reply not sure that many people make the move alone.
  6. Bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone is travelling back to the UK in either Sept or Oct? I will be travelling alone with my 2 year old and could do with some company/support/sanity. Dates are very flexible, preferred airport is Sydney. Just thought it might be more bearable with another adult. I'm very nice- can't say the same about Miss Tantrums
  7. Guest

    Flying solo with baby

    Just writing my experience of flying solo on a long flight with a baby (and four year old child) for others who may be planning the same. We took a night flight from Heathrow to Singapore, which is a 12 hour flight. I chose Singapore Airlines partly from advice from PIO and partly as I had done the flight to Singapore before and was in my comfort zone. We were lucky the plane was only a quarter full, so the four year old could lie down to sleep. My nine month old son was in a bassinet, which had a cover which zipped up above his tummy, but unfortunately the bassinet was quite high up and he could easily get out of this (and therefore fall), which was a bit challenging if I wanted to go to the loo and he woke up. Also if there is any turbulence and the seat belt signs comes on, the cabin crew come and wake you up so that you can wake your baby up by taking him out of the bassinet and putting him on your lap and belting up. On take off and landing the baby sat on my lap with his own lap belt around him which threaded through mine. The loop (non-adjustable) was so large, it did not feel very safe, on the other hand it meant he could easily breastfeed which meant he had no problems with his ears due to pressure when coming in to land. (The cabin crew were fine with this). I ordered baby food when booking our tickets, and double-checked this twice only to be told on the flight that they didn’t have any. Thankfully I had thought of this and had brought my own baby food just in case. On the way back there was baby food but it was a small jar for a four month old, not really suitable for a ten month old! I carried the baby in a sling when getting on and off flights and walking through the airport. We had assistance from ground staff at all airports – I prebooked this and it was free. We had thirty five minutes between the first flight and the second (Singapore to Perth – approx five hours). Of course the first plane was late but luckily there were eighteen transferring so they held the plane. I think we proved to be an interesting sight running through the airport (especially with a broken buggy)! On the way back we had two hours in transit. My four year old was good as gold on all flights. I did wrap up a gift for her and told her that if she was good on the first (long) flight, then she could have the gift on the second, but she had forgotten about this and was good anyway. However the gift was a good distraction from being a bit bored on the second flight as it kept her occupied for a couple of hours. I did find I had rather a lot of hand luggage. This was mainly nappies, wipes, bibs, baby food and extra in case of delays, a baby sleeping bag and a change of clothes for everyone, and books, soft toys and crayons. I had cooled boiled water for the baby in beakers – had to drink some myself at the airport to prove it was okay. The fact that I was still breastfeeding was a huge help in terms of not running out and in settling the baby. I got four hours sleep on the 12 hour night flight, between 4am and 8am when they woke us for breakfast. This was due to one child being awake and one asleep and then the other way round. I had no jet lag on the way but certainly did on the way back and found it hard to recover. I did have to wait ages to eat my meals as I couldn’t eat unless the baby was asleep in the bassinet as he wouldn’t stay in it if awake. But this wasn’t really a problem as the meals were kept hot for me. I think a few people were not exactly thrilled at being seated near us when we got on the plane but there was barely any disturbance from us, and we had lots of positive comments at the end of the flight. All in all it was a doddle, but I always said to myself that as long as none of us were ill, we would manage fine. There was a Mum and Granny across the aisle dealing with a baby who was being sick and they were having a terrible time. Having said that I think the age of the baby makes all the difference. I would find it very hard to do the flight now as he is now fifteen months old, like an octopus to hold with arms and legs flailing everywhere, and there is no way he would stay in his seat as he is walking, and if he had to stay in his seat he would be letting everyone know he is not happy, he would be grabbing everything and he insists on feeding himself and is rather messy!
  8. Hi all, we are currently applying for a 175 Visa, we cannot do so until i have taken an IELTS exam in June and had a successful confirmation back from the AITSL. We have contacted two agents now, true blue and a uk based agent, we have official application forms from the australian consulate and we are wondering whether it would be more beneficial to go through an agent or do the application ourselves. Does it make any difference to processing times etc? and do you have a higher chance of success if you go with an agent? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  9. Guest

    Settling in - Sydney

    Hey guys, I'm moving out to Sydney this August on a working holiday visa and plan to base myself in/around the city. I don't have any friends or family in Sydney, so once I arrive it'll be me against the world, and I'm wondering if anyone else is in a similar boat or has any advice? If you do then I'd love to hear from you! Also, once I've booked my flight I'll be blogging throughout the lead-up to my departure and about my experiences and life in Oz. Given that I'm flying out there with only my suitcase and the money I have in my bank account, I'm sure it'll make for an interesting read! Here's the link to my page: Joey Bloggs feel free to bookmark it and/or follow me on Twitter! As I said - any tips or advice on where to live (I'm aiming for the eastern suburbs), good restaurants, things to do, how to meet people etc would be really appreciated! Thanks
  10. Hi all. I'm arriving in Sydney on 8th Sept for 2 yrs (for now). I am 49 and will be here on my own. Any suggestions on where best to meet similarly aged peeps? Am I too old for a house-share rather than renting alone? I'm sure I am worrying too much and will meet lots of new friends in time. However no harm in looking ahead. Would like to meet similarly minded folks. See you soon in sunny Oz. Love, light and peace, Mark
  11. Hi, im Martin, 25 from London. i will be travelling to Sydney on my own to work for 6 months at the end of Sep! dont really know anyone there, so will be great to meet some people here?? So if you any of you guys are in a similar situation, want an extra friend for drinks, clubs, activities, beaching or just to hang out and explore Sydney please private message me to swap facebooks if i can, i also want see as much of Australia as possible in the 6 months (outside of having to work full time!!). So if i have the time, possibly Melbourne, Gold Coast, Fraser island, Whitsundays etc. I've also booked a 2 week holiday in Thailand towards the end of Nov. Also plan to take surfing and diving courses! (havent done that before!) and any other ozzie stuff i discover while im there! Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Going to Oz solo- help!!!

    Hi, I'm 23 years old and I'm moving to Sydney in August. I have no job there, no house, no friends there etc... am I crazy??!!! I've got my first few weeks booked into a hostel and I hope I'll figure out a house and a job while I'm there- I just wanna experience a different life!! I'd be grateful for advice off other people who have been in the same situation or people who wanna be my friends when I'm there!! Karina xx
  13. Guest

    Going solo in Sydney!

    Hi all, Getting very excited about touching down in Sydney on 1 Jan. Have a few friends there already but very much up for digging my own path and not relying purely on their networks, especially seeing as they're coupled up and quite settled into the city already. I'm looking to do a month or so travelling first before knuckling down to get some work. I'm a journalist so am looking for as many contacts and doors in as possible and, more importantly, some like minded people for fun in the sun! I'm a Londoner and a lover of city life but grew up in the backwaters of Wales so definitely keen on escaping into the great outdoors too - basically up for as much random experience as possible. Right enough harping on, if anyone's got any tips concering ANY of the above I would love to hear from you - even if it's just to say hi! Cheers! Ross