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Hi I'm new on this site :Boomerang/Pingpong Pom

Guest Deb62

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Hi all. I am English, living in Somerset, married to an Aussie and we have 3 offspring - 22, 21 and 11. We moved to Brisbane in 1989 when the eldest kids were just 2 an 3 and lived in Petrie for nearly ten years. I was very unhappy for the first couple of years and hated Australia, but eventually settled down and eventually felt Australian.


Then a lot of things went very wrong for me over a short period of time. We then had our third child and I got very homesick. I got obsessed with wanting to go 'home', and in 1998 this is what happened. Except it isn't really home any more. At first I was so excited to be back, but gradually became more and more disillusioned with the UK and missed Australia. Even after 10 years we have quite a few friends we are in regular contact with in Brissie.


A year ago our eldest daughter left home and took herself off to study at the University of Queensland fed up waiting for us to stop dithering and make a decision about what to do I think. We have decided finally to follow her back.


We live in a lovely old cottage in a nice village and have a nice life. But I feel like a puzzle piece in the wrong jigsaw. But I am also terrified that if we manage to return to Bris I will feel the same way I did when we first arrived. I miss my daughter. I will miss my parents. There are no easy answers for us. I'm trying to do what I think is best for our youngest daughter and get her over there before she starts high school, I think it is a better lifestyle out there. Well, that's me, and my situation right now. OH is currently in Oz with our student daughter looking for work. So far he has only had an interview in Caloundra which is a long way from home in Pine Rivers. That would mean really starting over away from anyone we know, which is so daunting.


Just to introduce myself and say 'Hi' really.

Debbie :spinny:

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hi debbie, alll the best for the path you choose, im sure its really tough for you , you just have to follow your heart sometimes don't you, good luck !ps i have friends moved to caloundra last year with 2 boys they really really love it , new place new start!

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Hi there and welcome to PomsinOz...!!!


Lots of Luck with all of your plans!!!




Dan xx :emoticon-signxmas:

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Guest Guest9973

Hi Deb and welcome to the forum.


We have 2 lots of friends who are "ping Poms'


Both are very happily settled here now and both say they need to do it.


Each to their own and you must never feel as if you "have" to do this or "feel" this way.


I am going to hazard a guess though - this time you will be happy.It will be easier for you.:yesxmas::yesxmas:

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Guest JoanneHattersley

Welcome to PIO! Come back to QLD! We are a nice bunch here!


Thank you for your post and your story!


Keep in touch and ask away if we can help!

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