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We have a house :-)


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I am so elated, we put in our first application for a rental today and we got it!!


It is just so perfect for us, in Hamilton Hill near Fremantle less than 2km to the beach (& an offroad cycle path from the end of the street), 10 minute drive from DS's school and 25 mins from CBD (though prob not in the rush hour!)


Having already decided to go for it I found out 4 families from DS's school live in the same street or an intersecting street (& it's only a small school 50-60 families in total!) so I was desperate to get it.


I was really worried after reading all the stuff on here about migrants finding it hard to get accepted & I put everything into the application. Provided photocopies of references for me & DH (the ones submitted for our visa application), asked the owner of the holiday rental to give us a reference, and included a bank statement showing the funds we've transfered to Oz. We also said we wanted it for 12 months after reading on here that could help. I said how much we wanted it and I understood that we had no history in Oz and we would pay three months up front or whatever was needed.


So thanks to everyone who has posted on this, I'm sure all the tips helped secure this for us.


Jules x

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