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Looking for Friends! [15][Tomboy Girl!]

Guest Jayney

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About Me


I'm 15, looking for both girl and guy friends!


I have two dogs, both Labradors. I also have one brother who is 18 years old called Matty.


I don't like the colour pink very much and I love to play computer games and go on the computer, meet people, chat and make friends.


I'm currently staying in Brisbane, Currimundi. I can give people the address to meet up if you are close! Anyone near there?


If you want to contact me some more, my email is:


For the Guys


Would be nice if I could invite some guys over and such! I have a Wii and

xBox.... I'm a strange girl... Love games ranging from Halo 3 to Gears of War (1 & 2)....


For the Girls


I love to chat, get to know people and such and hang out and about still! Be nice to have some girly friends too! Although I'm not very girly myself...


I know I'm strange... Lol.


xx Lucy Jayne Davis




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Guest Jordannnn!

Hii, youu

Currimundi aint in brisbane lol its on the sunshine coast lol haha!

Tlk soon hopefully meet up :)

x x x Jordan x x x

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