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Guest Bet

Qualification for Pension Benefits in Auz

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    Guest Bet

    Pensions in Auz


    I am just after some general information, moving to Auz in Feb 2006, I am lead to believe that as I have contributed to the British State Pension for over 12 years, when I come to retirement age I will have to claim a small amount (yeah a very small amount from the British Government" when i reach retirement age. I am sure that I read somewhere that you have to be contributing to the equivalent to the State Pension in Auz for atleast 10 years before I would be able to qualify for any benefits at retirement age, don't worry once I get there both my partner and I will get a pension set up asap, as got some company scheme may wish to transfer.


    Can anyone advise.



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    A useful Centrelink page is:


    'Have you recently moved to Australia to settle?



    Main Payments available for Migrants

    Age Pension - Available after 10 years

    Austudy - Available after 2 years

    Bereavement Allowance - Available after 2 years

    Carer Payment - Available after 2 years

    Disability Support Pension - Available after 10 years

    Parenting Payment - Available after 2 years

    Family Payments - Available immediately

    Newstart Allowance - Available after 2 years

    Sickness Allowance - Available after 2 years

    Special Benefit - (limited circumstances)

    Widow Allowance - Available after 2 years

    Youth Allowance - Available after 2 years


    Note: There can be exceptions.

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    you have to be contributing to the equivalent to the State Pension in Auz for atleast 10 years before I would be able to qualify for any benefits at retirement age,


    Please do remember that it is compulsory for your employer to contribute to a superannuation fund (aka a pension) to the tune of 9% so you will have a nest egg building up whilst you work.


    As far as I know, the state pension is a little different to the UK National Insurance scheme in that it is not contributions based, so once that ten years has passed, you will receive the full pension, whereas in the UK after ten years you would be eligible for only a portion of the full pension, with that portion increasing with each year's contribution.


    Don't forget you can transfer your UK company/freestanding pension to Australia - see http://www.pentran.com.au - but you must do it fairly quickly after moving to enjoy the tax breaks, I think it is six months.

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