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Medical Examination

Guest kevykev400

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Guest annemarie and brian



i cant tell you much but after saturday i can,we have been told they do you blood pressure,blood

test, weight,height,urine,hearing,eyesight,and xray and if you have tattoos you have an extra

blood test for them.


but we will know more saturday.


annemarie and brian

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When we had ours (which seems forever ago now!) we had chest x-rays to ensure you don't have TB. They did a basic eye test, blood pressure was tested, urine was tested (for what I don't know!) they then did a basic body exam (listen to your chest, check reflexes etc..) and we had blood taken for HIV testing and if you've had recent tatoos/piercings you'll probably get one for Hep B. Oh & at the end of the exam they asked us to do star-jumps (apparently to check your motor skills or something to that effect, we just bloody felt silly-lol)

Mandy x

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Guest spursno1

Hi I want to know ,as a 74 year old, if heart surgery is a bar in medical. I had heart surgery 4/5/ years ago whilst in Perth (just for interest i was covered for all treatment under the reciprocal agreement via U.K. and Aus I also registered with medicare.

Anybody know how i would fare?

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