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13 year old moving to canberra and worried

Guest angie adams

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Guest angie adams

hey im abbie,


my mums got a job as a social worker in canberra


and really worried about moving there ?


anyone moving there reply to my thread !!!:smile:

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Guest Sophia-Lily

hey abbie


my name is sophia and i am 11 years old.


i know how you feel my dad got a job as senior technical advisor. so me and my mum, brother, dad and sister are moving to Secret Harbour, Rockingham, Perth.


I have to leave my mates of 4 years. its gonna be so upsetting. :cry:


Please blog back as i know how you feel.


Just so you know i am a right chatterbox :chatterbox: lol





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I am also thirteen, I am really scared:err:, we are moving to a place near Perth, But it is going to be a lovely experience, I have been crying alot this year, yes, I am going to miss my family &friends so much, but Atleast I will have a nice life in Oz. I didn't want to move at first:nah:, but now i am starting to see why my parents wanted to move there.

I'm exited,upset&scared.



Please reply,



p.s. Cute boys on the beach, lol

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Hi All,


I'm 21 years old and I know how you all feel... it's the same for everyone it doesnt matter how old you are! it's a very scary thing to go through but the one thing i will say is you definately have your age working in your favour!! It's so much easier to meet friends in a school atmosphere! You will have the best time... it will be hard at first but your lifestyle will be so much better than the UK! Also don't forget you can speak to your friends loads on the internet or telephone... i know it's not the same as being with them face to face but as you get older you all go down different paths and end up doing your own thing! At the minute i think I speak to my friends more over email then I do face to face hehe! and they only live round the corner!


Abbie > my parents are looking to move to Canberra ... we have our medicals tomorrow so if all goes well we could be there within a year! Canberra looks like a lovely place! I travelled round australia in 2006.. never went to Canberra but absolutely fell in love with Australia! Have you read the posts about Canberra on this forum? they are very useful!


Sophia > as you can guess i'm a chatterbox too...:laugh:


Anyways good luck to all of you...

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Guest chloeH052

Hiaa i am 13 and me and my family are hopping to move to oz at the end of the year but i think we are goin some were around red cliff it looks beautiful and i am so excited i just dont want to leave all of my friends and the rest of my family but i think that it will be a better life over there because there is so much better weather and so much more to do but me and my mates cry everyday in school because we carnt help but talk about it everyday. I have lived in oz once before in perth but we came back home because things wernt working out to well at that time but it has changed so much since the last time i went and we are goin to a diffrent part of australia this time we are goin some where wer half of my family live. My mum is australian which means me and my brother and sisters are partly australian. I am feeling mixed emotions about moving at the moment but i am excited more than anything but i just want to get to know a few people over the internet who are moving around the same time an me an then maybe live in the same area as them so that i dont have to start looking for new friends straight away because i will already havee somee :D My mum is a foster carer over here in the UK but when we go over to oz she is hopping to become a social worker just like your mum.


AS YOU CAN TELL I AM A CHATTER BOX TOO :) and i get told it everyday by my teachers.Haahaa x

Please reply

Chloee x

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Guest PinkFizz


I am Lucy and I am 11 years old, I am probs moving to Aus in Adelaid in 2010. It probs sounds like ages away til I go but it feels like I am going tomorrow. I am sad about leaving friends & family but I do know that I can always keep in contact even though it wouldn't be the same. My friends dont know about me leaving yet but I am probs gonna tell them soon it will be well hard though, I know what they will say " You can't leave..."etc. But I know it is a better life style out there and everything. And I LOVE the sun. Well good luck to you all. Please post back. PinkFizz x

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Guest thedobsons

hi little one we want to go to Adi maybe same time my Daughter is 12 i'll get her on here to chat to you ok !! chin up think of it as a adventure..

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