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OK folks we eventually have our SC176 visa grant as of 20th November and will hopefully be Perth bound during 2009, we have until October to validate.

Thanks to our agents who are one of those frequently acknowledged here at PIO, they certainly helped us find a path during the early stages of the process.

For those just starting on the road to migration here are some of our milestones which will hopefully show everything doesn’t have to be perfect to get there.

Ø Started the process in earnest in October 2007, TRA deadline was January 2008 my 45th birthday.

Ø Originally looking at family sponsored temporary visa to Victoria.

Ø Following a closer look at our information agent advised us we could qualify for a permanent SC176 state sponsored visa to Victoria.

Ø TRA passed in time, but given for a different subclass in the SOL, options now changed to WA or Queensland sponsored visa.

Ø Decided to go with WA due to my work skills in the Oil and Gas industry.

Ø Caught up in the spring / summer delays with visa processing along with many, many others, delayed completing police checks and medicals.

Ø Health scare during summer causing further delays to taking medicals.

Ø Everything in place and medicals done in October, both myself and eldest daughter have medical issues; we both took reports from our consultants which the examining doctor thanked us for. Spouse and sons medicals processed very quickly, mine and daughters took around and extra ten days to clear.

Ø SC176 visa granted without any restrictions and now all clear to go.

BLOODY CREDIT CRUNCH, but at least 10 month’s to validate.

Hope this helps others with a less than clear path to Visa grant.

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