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  1. nikci

    South Africa

    As a South African with in laws living in South Africa still I agree with Banbury 61 - loads of problems there right now. Lots of violence with fighting between the Nigerian's and local taxi drivers and lots of children being abducted - so caution would be my advice. If you are going there then an escorted tour would be my advice as both a South African and a travel agent - its a beautiful country and the majority of people are fantastic - I would definitely visit Cape Town, Garden Route, one of the game parks but be careful and be warned once bitten by Africa you will want to keep going back !!
  2. nikci

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    It's been years since I posted on here and there are few names I see from the old days before we moved to Australia - (Quoll); we have been here just over 10 years now. It was me who was the driving force behind the move my every living moment revolved around getting here - our family of 5 have settled to a certain extent - my children wouldn't return permanently to the UK albeit they do suffer with homesickness, my husband definitely wouldn't return - me well I suffer terribly with homesickness but I think this is because as an only child and having my mum and stepdad still in the UK who are getting older now I have come to realise that the distance is greater than you appreciate. I am lucky as I return for Christmas and New Year every two years with all the family and once a year on my own - sometimes I think this might be counter productive. My only advice to anyone heading here is to make sure you are really really sure of what you are doing, travel is harder and way more expensive from here, cost of living is extremely high and having recently watched "Wanted Down Under" I can tell you that that is not a true reflection of the cost of living here. My middle son has developed serious health issues since we arrived in Australia and the medical bills pile up and when you add this to the cost of every day living it's hard! Don't get me wrong we have a lovely home and love being here. We both work but I can honestly say that we work harder here than we did in the UK. I suppose what I am trying to say is homesickness is a real thing for me and the only way I can get past it - is to head down to the beach on a beautiful sunny day watch the whales/dolphins swim by and sip on my coffee!!
  3. nikci

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    Sorry I was referring to Paul1977
  4. nikci

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    I wondered what had happened to u - how come you are going back?
  5. nikci

    Oscar Pistorius murder trial

    Probably wont serve more than 10months! There seems to be a suggestion there will be no appeal -!! Apparently going to serve his time in the hospital prison - interesting !
  6. nikci

    Oscar Pistorius murder trial

    Doubt he will see the inside of a prison!
  7. nikci

    Good primary schools on Central Coast

    I have had 3 children at the Adventist School and it has been great for all three of them. When one of my sons developed serious health issues the support we received and still do was unbelievable, we spent so much time in hospital the staff offered to make dinners for us etc... I would definitely look into it especially as they can start in Kindy and stay right through to Yr 12! Good luck and all the best!
  8. nikci

    Oscar Pistorius murder trial

    Verdict out on the 11th September !!
  9. nikci

    Travel Insurance

    Sorry to hear you are having so many problems - have you tried http://www.insureandgo.com.au/?promocode=winter10&gclid=CKWQw863q8ACFYsDvAodD5UANQ they offered insurance to my son who has endless pre exisitings. Good luck and all the best.
  10. My other half has an SA passport with ILR visa - you cannot be out of the UK for longer than 2 years before it is invalid having said that we went back just within the 2 years period and he was given a tough time and told next time he wouldn't be able to rely on his ILR - I would argue that as long as you return within the 2 years its ok. He now has Aussie Passport and as I have tri nationality I can help him get back into the UK should we need to but like you we don't intend to return to the UK permanently anyway! All best with the big move!
  11. nikci

    Purple Day and our Oz adventure

    Thanks - am here most days poking about to see what everyone is up to -just don't say much these days! Hope all good your side though !! xx
  12. nikci

    Purple Day and our Oz adventure

    HI There, The specialist we have seen have in mostly very good - I am not sure where you are planning to settle but I understand some of the best neurologists are in Melbourne. We are heading down there in 2 weeks to see one but as your daughter's condition is mostly controlled you should be fine. Definitely have ambulance insurance just in case - not sure that health insurance will cover her epilepsy straight away but you would have to check with them. As for school I have not had a problem but I can't speak for the primary sector or the state schools as my son attended a private school and they continue to support him despite having to leave and attend a specialist school. if you are on FB there are two pages here in Australia that you might want to join - Team Teen E and Epilepsy Parents Australia. The two pages are only for people in Australia but if you message the admins and explain you are moving here am sure they will admit you - I have found both sites very helpful and they are a great bunch a bit nuts sometimes but some of the parents have it really tough on there. Hope this helps feel free to PM if you have any questions. All the best. Nikci
  13. nikci

    Selling a house in the UK from Oz

    Great question regarding the sale of house as I have just put my on the market - will really be interested in hearing from others that have done this. Thanks
  14. This year sees our 5th Ozzieverary - it has not been without its ups and downs but we are finally citizens and looking at buying our first Ozzie home this year. We made the big move just as the GCF hit and we had to rent our house instead of sell it - was a huge blow but we moved regardless. My OH was working within 3 weeks of arriving so we were very lucky and after much soul searching I decided not to convert my legal training and practice here instead return to my old travel career a good decision as it turned out. The children for the most of settled well - my eldest is now in Uni and my youngest is now in high school - my middle son has had a rough ride and to be honest if anything it has been his hardships that have only ever been the thing that has made me think of returning to my family in the UK. My son developed epilepsy 2 years ago and it has been a nightmare - they cannot control it and his injuries are so many I can no longer count them all - the health system here has been in the main excellent but I would definitely make sure you have ambulance insurance something I learned the hard way almost $6000 later (which I had to pay) !!! Help from Centrelink none - ! Today is Purple Day which is a day celebrated internationally every year to raise awareness of epilepsy - we have received some wonderful support from so many people including the local newspapers ! Am always happy to answer questions about making the big move so please PM - I received so much support when we moved! Happy PURPLE DAY!!!
  15. nikci

    Oscar Pistorius murder trial

    If it was a moment of madness then there was no premeditation - difficult to really know and the only ones who do are him and Reeva - suffice to say if t a very sad situation and two families suffering because of it. Lets hope lessons are learned but I doubt it - its Africa after all !!