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Immigration agents

Guest Naiad

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Just wondering about everyone's thoughts on immigration agents?


What are your experiences with agents?

Did you use one?

Was it worth it?

Does anyone have any idea on the costs involved with using an agent?

Does it make a difference to whether you're successful or to the time taken to get through the process?


Any comments or opinions much appreciated.

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Hi there


If you would have asked a week ago I would have said yes now I am a little disheartened with mine.


I employed them in August 2004 Got a positive skills assessment Sept. 2005!


I have just been informed that they will not be putting forward my visa application probably until July next year as I work part time since returning to work after the birth of my son. You have to work a minimum of 20 hrs a week I only work 16 at present, in the process of increasing this but I discussed this topic with them in April when a friend had the same issue with his visa application. I am just a little frustrated at present as I have wasted 6 months and now it may be another 2 years or more before I can migrate!!


Check them out carefully ask to speak to past clients and keep on at them they are payed to work for you.


Good luck with you chosen path


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Guest mickroo

Hi Scoop


Thats really poor of your agent not to ask you of your circumstances in connection with work etc. I'd ask for a refund if I was you.


PS who are you using?





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