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Candidates for Documentary Series

Guest kwilliams

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Guest kwilliams

Hi Everyone


I work for Landmark TV, a production company in Sydney, and we want to hear stories of your move to Oz for a documentary series. We're looking for families or couples who are about to move in the next 2-3months or have recently moved to Australia in search of lifestyle change. Ideally, we would like to talk to those who are planning a change in career upon your arrival or perhaps you might be buying a business in which you have limited experience. We particularly would like to hear of stories of a major contrast in lifestyle ie. move from the city in the UK to regional or coastal areas of Australia. We are hearing plenty of stories of those moving to Western Australia so we're short of a few tales in other states. Don't let that deter you though, we'd still love to hear from you.


If you're interested in telling your story, please give me, Kellie Williams, a call on 61 2 9956 5566 or email to kwilliams@landmark.tv

( I have permission of the owner of this site to post this message)

Good Luck with the move!

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