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Found 28 results

  1. sadsmile23

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I've been avidly watching the Wanted Down Under series this week. Just want to know if anybody else thinks the same as me tho - the family on Wednesday programme were looking at WA, now they said at the beginning of the property search they had £180k to bring over and would like to buy without a mortgage, lets see what you get for your money. In the voiceover, Nadia whatsername says you can get 4bed family house in Rockingham area for around £200k. Now my ears prick up, coz we fancy that area, sounds a decent price, looking forward to this! WHY oh WHY then, do they show them houses (lovely as they were) for nothing under £260k????? Is it to make the programme look good, fancy newly renovated or new build houses, but what about us that live in the real world and want affordability??!!:arghh: Sorry about me ranting, its just i would really like to see what the average joe bloggs could really afford! By the way, im from yorkshire, got a pretty low mortgage here and we are (apparently) notorious for being tight with money here, so maybe that explains why im so peeved!! lol. :biglaugh:
  2. Guest

    Wanted Down Under series!

    Hi! There are new series Wanted Down Under (4 Feb 2011) Wanted Down Under Revisited - the series that catches up with some of the original British families who tried out life in Australia and New Zealand and finds out where they are now.
  3. EX-PATS IN TROUBLE ABROAD Are you a British ex pat in trouble abroad? If so you might be right for a brand new series we are making. We are looking for a range of diverse British ex-pats in Spain, Florida, Australia etc who are struggling in this economic down turn or just generally finding things hard. Maybe your business is struggling, or the value of your home has dropped or savings worth a lot less? Or maybe you’re just finding other things harder than you ever expected compared to dear old Blighty? e.g. lack of close family nearby, tired of beach-apartment-beach life, heat etc. How has it affected your life, relationships etc? Where is paradise for you? We are always on the look-out too for potential stories that are happening or unfolding now over the next few months e.g. an ex-pat about to try or do something new – this could be anything from an ingenious game-plan to survive the recession in their adopted country to those planning to repatriate back to the UK. WE DO WANT LIGHT AND SHADE!! Love to hear more about your situation and any plans or ideas you have up your sleeve to triumph over adversity.. So we are looking for stories like these: - Ex-pat Brits who are staying put and have a new game-plan to survive the recession.. - Ex-pats who now want to repatriate and return home to the UK - Ex-pats who have found living abroad much harder than anticipated or found themselves in an unexpected situation abroad e.g. recently divorced, missing the UK, the lingo too tricky, lonely, feeling you're never quite at home - Ex-pats who have sold up back home, and have no choice but to stick it out. ABOUT US: I work for a documentary company in North London called Wild Pictures. In brief, we have a strong reputation in factual UK programming. You may have seen some of our stuff - we make the ITV1 prisons series - Strangeways, Holloway, Wormwood Scrubs as well as strong, well-made series on the Fraud Squad, Baby Hospital and Smugglers. We'd love to hear from you at this stage, whatever your story. To find out more, please send a brief para about your situation and PM us We look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Are you and your family about to move to Sydney? ITV series Poms in Paradise would like to hear from you! We're looking to speak to people who are moving to Sydney from the UK before mid January 2012. We're looking to speak to people before they go to find out why they've decided to move, how they are preparing and what their hopes are for their new life down under. We'd then like to catch up once you are in Sydney to see how you are getting on. If you'd like to be involved or are just interested to find out some more then please contact Jess at Century Films ASAP on 020 7378 6106 or jess.franses@centuryfilmsltd.com
  5. annagilda

    30 Days in Oz Mini Series

    Found this mini series on Youtube the Other day, it's just short clips about a day in different peoples lives in Australia. Everyone from Backpackers, to Immigrants, to Ozzies doing there thing. I really enjoyed it, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/australia I also found it REALY Adictive, and had to watch the whole lot in one go, so make sure you give yourself an hour, and have a cuppa ready. :biggrin: X
  6. Are you considering a big lifestyle or career change? Are you fed up with working all hours and not feeling enough benefit? Is money not buying you happiness? Do you have lots of 'stuff' but not much headspace? Do you want a different kind of lifestyle for your kids? Well a new series for Ch4 wants to hear from you. You might already have plans to emigrate across the globe or to an affordable part of the countryside, or to work for yourself... or you might not know what you want yet, except that you want to make a big change sometime soon. If you have lots of passion and think there's more to life than what you currently have we would love to hear from you. Please message me for more information. Many thanks, Helen
  7. Just wanted to give anyone interested the heads up about a new ex-pat documentary show starting on ITV in the next few weeks. It was filmed early this year and is set in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. More info here - http://uk-tv-guide.com/programme-details/ITV1+London/11+May+2011/18%3A30/Poms+in+Paradise/Documentary/ Cal x
  8. family of five

    Wanted Down Under - New series

    Hi all, I have just heard that there will be a series 6 of Wanted Down Under. So for all you who are interested email some details about yourself and family to wanteddownunder@bbc.co.uk Good luck Family of Five
  9. neilharrison_253

    Wanted down under series 5 / Revisited?

    Hi All Does anyone know when the new series is due to be aired. Normally early January but as i will be away trying to get a date to setup sky box to record Thanks
  10. does anyone have The Tribe Complete Series season 1 2 3 4 5 DVD in WA , if so please get in touch with me and do a deal .............nick
  11. Hi, I am working on the television show Relocation: Phil Down Under presented by Phil Spencer (of the UK Channel 4 show Location Location Location) which helps British ex pats find houses to buy in Australia after relocating. We are urgently looking for people wanting to buy property in the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area to feature in the show. In order to feature on the programme, you have to be British (or one member of a couple must be British), ready to buy now (i.e. mortgage in place or finances ready) and free to film asap. We are coming out to Australia next week from the UK so are keen to find someone as soon as possible. If anyone is interested,please contact me at emily.henderson@iwcmedia.co.uk Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I am a researcher on the Channel 4 programme Phil Down Under. We are currently on the hunt for families who are moving over to Australia or families who have recently located over there (within the last year), who need help buying a property. If you think you may be eligible and are interested, please send me an email to siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. Thanks, Siobhan
  13. Hello all I am a Producer Director working on the second series of ‘Phil Down Under’ for Channel 4. The series focuses on British families who are moving from the UK and starting a new life in Australia and features Phil Spencer from Location Location Location. We are currently looking for people to take part in the series and I wondered if there is anyone on here who might like to have a chat about the possibility of getting involed? We are searching for people from the UK who have secured or are in the process of securing a job in Australia and are now looking to purchase their first home. We are also searching for ‘success stories’ – people who may have moved out from the UK in the past few years and are now making a great success of their lives out in Australia. Any people who are interested can either reply to this thread or apply at http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder Best wishes Siobhan
  14. Property guru Phil Spencer from C4’s ‘Location Location Location’ is taking his property finding and negotiating skills along with a large dose of English charm, down under. He’s heading to the other side of the world to help emigrating Brits find their perfect home in Australia. In each episode, Phil will be helping one British couple navigate their way through the Australian property system. Phil will help find, survey and negotiate the deal on their dream pad. From harbour-side homes in Sydney and Beach pads in Byron Bay to Ranches in the Outback and Retreats in the Rainforest, no property search is too daunting for Phil. For the return of this exciting series we are on the hunt for people who are looking to emigrate to Australia before the end of 2010 or people who have already made the move and now need help with their property search. They must be available and able to buy in November/December 2010. If they’ve got the papers and they would like the help of a dedicated team who will assist them find the house of their dreams all they have to do is follow this link http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder and fill in the application form.
  15. Guest

    Underbelly 1st series

    Underbelly was the highest rating most successful show in OZ history, l think they plan to show it in the UK, do you think it would be a hit over there also or will it flop in the UK. Have you seen the show did you think it was good or garbage?
  16. Anybody heard anything? Any news? Has series 3 finish filming? Lisa,x
  17. Can't believe it! Not sure where we're going, (hoping to move to Perth) but they might send us to Darwin or Queensland! Still, it's a free trip down under, so not complaining!! Positive skills assesment back, (Welfare Worker), waiting for IELTS results, then will complete visa application online. All looking good at the moment. We're on facebook: Gary Ward (leeds network) and Helen Ward (Leeds Network)
  18. hillyman

    new series

    WANTED DOWN UNDER starts monday, first visit BRISBANE.:biggrin:
  19. calNgary

    Wanted Down Under- New Series

    As some of you know may know we have just been filming an update with these guy's and during conversation they said they are looking for new family's to take part in their new series. They preferably want family's who are undecided about the move, so if this is you and you fancy 5 minutes of fame,lol, drop me a pm and i will pass you the directors e-mail address so you contact him direct. Cal x edited to add - The BBC now have enough familys for the next series , hence i have closed this thread.
  20. Hi All, Just seen that theres a new series of Wanted Down Under starting tomorow Monday 3 August on channel 246 (Home). This week so far: Mon - NZ Tue - Perth Wed - NZ Thur - NZ Fri - Melbourne I know what i'll be doing at 7pm every night from now on!! :jiggy: Maz x
  21. Guest

    A Place in the Sun New Series

    Just in case you don't know, A Place in the Sun Down Under starts tomorrow night 8pm on Channel 4. They're looking at property in Melbourne tomorrow. Looking forward to it and Wanted down Under on Monday. Happy New Year everyone.:jiggy:
  22. Guest

    Sky One Series

    Are you planning a reunion or bidding farewell to friends and family? Lion Television is producing a new feel-good reality series called Hello Goodbye, for Sky One. We are filming at Heathrow arrivals and departure lounges from now until January 2009. We hope to take a look at the lives and relationships that come together (and apart) at the airport terminals. Presenter Kate Thornton will meet and greet travellers to explore the stories of emotions bubbling in the crowds at the terminals. Perhaps you will be bidding farewell to your loved ones at the airport as you head off to study abroad or perhaps you are returning to Britain and will be saying a joyous ‘hello’ to family members at the airport. If you or someone you know is passing through Heathrow and would be willing to share your story we would love to hear from you. Please email linzi.small@liontv.co.uk or call me on 0208 846 2191 Kindest regards, Linzi Small Lion TV
  23. Features Air Conditioning Airbag Driver Central Locking Cloth Trim Power Mirrors Power Steering Power Windows Radio CD Adjustable Steering Wheel Year:2001 Price: $5,650 ono Make: DAEWOO Kilometres:110,000 Model:NUBIRA Condition: V Good Rego up till Jan 11 -Variant:CDX Body:SedanSeries:SERIES X Colour: Metalic Green Engine:2.0L / 4 Cyl Interior:GREY
  24. Hey! 2nd Series starting soon on itv called No Place Like Home. Does anyone know when it starts? My auntie's friend is on it and I don't want to miss it!! Cheers to anyone who can help..:yes::v_SPIN:
  25. For anyone who got into Summer Heights High part way through the series the're showing all 8 episodes from 21.20 on BBC3 tonight.