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Found 10 results

  1. Nothing on the channels and noticed this documentary on tonight. Think its about the 2009 attacks. Will be watching it as moving to Sydney next year.....
  2. EX-PATS IN TROUBLE ABROAD Are you a British ex pat in trouble abroad? If so you might be right for a brand new series we are making. We are looking for a range of diverse British ex-pats in Spain, Florida, Australia etc who are struggling in this economic down turn or just generally finding things hard. Maybe your business is struggling, or the value of your home has dropped or savings worth a lot less? Or maybe you’re just finding other things harder than you ever expected compared to dear old Blighty? e.g. lack of close family nearby, tired of beach-apartment-beach life, heat etc. How has it affected your life, relationships etc? Where is paradise for you? We are always on the look-out too for potential stories that are happening or unfolding now over the next few months e.g. an ex-pat about to try or do something new – this could be anything from an ingenious game-plan to survive the recession in their adopted country to those planning to repatriate back to the UK. WE DO WANT LIGHT AND SHADE!! Love to hear more about your situation and any plans or ideas you have up your sleeve to triumph over adversity.. So we are looking for stories like these: - Ex-pat Brits who are staying put and have a new game-plan to survive the recession.. - Ex-pats who now want to repatriate and return home to the UK - Ex-pats who have found living abroad much harder than anticipated or found themselves in an unexpected situation abroad e.g. recently divorced, missing the UK, the lingo too tricky, lonely, feeling you're never quite at home - Ex-pats who have sold up back home, and have no choice but to stick it out. ABOUT US: I work for a documentary company in North London called Wild Pictures. In brief, we have a strong reputation in factual UK programming. You may have seen some of our stuff - we make the ITV1 prisons series - Strangeways, Holloway, Wormwood Scrubs as well as strong, well-made series on the Fraud Squad, Baby Hospital and Smugglers. We'd love to hear from you at this stage, whatever your story. To find out more, please send a brief para about your situation and PM us We look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Guest

    Expats in Sydney

    I'm looking to speak to British ex-pats living in the Sydney area for research for a documentary series for ITV (UK). I'm interested in talking to everyone and anyone who has moved to Sydney or the surrounding area from the UK. I'm not looking for any commitment at this stage, I'd just love to hear about your experiences. What is life really like as a Brit on the other side of the world? Have your dreams come true or has your move to Australia not turned out as planned? What challenges have you faced in pursuing a new life away from the UK? Are you making the big move soon and are you excited / nervous? What’s it like leaving loved ones behind? Have you found your dream job? If you're interested in telling your story or you'd like to know more please contact Patrick at Century Films I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011 We appreciate our immigrants — if they earn it. Despite past successes, attitudes towards new Australians remain contradictory. WE used to have the dagos and the wogs. Then it was the slopes and the slanty-eyeds, the yellows, the balts and the Lebs and the curry-munchers. And more recently it has been the towel-heads and the terrorists infiltrating Australia and undermining our way of life. If there is a lesson in the past half-century or so of migration, it’s that new arrivals can expect a withering initiation. The nicknames may change, and so too the migrant groups subjected to suspicion, derision and worse, but the fear that drives such insults is persistent and widespread…. …Australian society has been supple enough to adapt to wave after wave of migration in the 65 years since World War II, and by and large we like the society we’ve created. So, although there are myriad concerns about how future immigration might threaten our society, our history says we have reason to be confident. We are nothing if not champions of change. New Series: January 9, 2011 on SBS One “Immigration Nation The Secret History of Us”.
  5. Cerberus1

    Ben Cousins Documentary

    Watched the first part of the Ben Cousins documentary last night. It held my interest, (probably if I was a big AFL fan then I may have called it compulsive viewing). But my initial reaction was that this isn't going to stop any young lads from taking drugs, in fact possibly the opposite. Here was this bronzed muscular guy, who's lived the dream, apparently showing it was possible to play at the top of his game for several years whilst all the time taking recreational drugs. There were stories of him doing a runner from the police and swimming half way across the Swan River, scenes of him jumping into cars with 2 blondes, stories of multiple day benders, meeting celebs etc. Entertaining yes, but it came across more as a boy's own story about a lovely rogue, rather than a 'don't do this at home kids', perhaps understandably from a tv ratings perspective. Off topic but the best anti-drug message I've ever watched was 'Requiem for a Dream'. Fantastic film which shows that drugs don't discriminate and effects young/old, black/white, male/female alike, physically, mentally and emotionally.
  6. Hi Everyone We've received the email below if anyone's interested. Rob
  7. Hi, you need to be quick, as its going off iplayer tomorrow. I just came across this two part show which features a family that emigrated 30 years ago. It's a good watch. BBC iPlayer - Homesick: Episode 1 Don't be put off by the title, it was their home (Northern Ireland) they were sick of! next part is tomorrow bbc1 (Ireland) at 11.15pm, so should be able to get it on iplayer after that. Helen
  8. Hello there, I hope you do not mind my contacting posting, but I am currently working a documentary for Channel 4 and am trying to get in touch with people who might be doing some travelling as part of a big move, or just the travelling alone. To tell you a little more- Channel 4 are producing an new landmark documentary series about the growing number of British families putting day-to-day life on hold to see the world with their children. Through the films we hope to highlight just how rewarding, educational and most importantly possible it is to go traveling with the kids. Our hope is that the programmes will inspire more parents thinking about this kind of trip to actually take the plunge and get involved around the world. We also want to highlight the positives of this kind of experience has on a family unit and the educational benefit for children. Each family would be left with a unique travel-log of their journey. We would not plan to be with the the family the entire time but would provide them with a camera to record the events with us dropping in at certain key points along the way. We hope to follow five families in the series and whilst we have already started filming with three we are still looking for two more to be involved who could be leaving anytime. It would be really good to get in touch, even if just to tell you a little more about the project. please drop me a line naomielkinjones@twentytwenty.tv Kind Regards Naomi Tel: 07878062874
  9. 2Posh2Push

    C4 Documentary?!

    :err: Hi ya, did anyone get any feedback from Lynda re the channel 4 doc she was researching for? Was just wondering if anyone from here got chosen? :wacko:
  10. Hi Everyone I work for Landmark TV, a production company in Sydney, and we want to hear stories of your move to Oz for a documentary series. We're looking for families or couples who are about to move in the next 2-3months or have recently moved to Australia in search of lifestyle change. Ideally, we would like to talk to those who are planning a change in career upon your arrival or perhaps you might be buying a business in which you have limited experience. We particularly would like to hear of stories of a major contrast in lifestyle ie. move from the city in the UK to regional or coastal areas of Australia. We are hearing plenty of stories of those moving to Western Australia so we're short of a few tales in other states. Don't let that deter you though, we'd still love to hear from you. If you're interested in telling your story, please give me, Kellie Williams, a call on 61 2 9956 5566 or email to kwilliams@landmark.tv ( I have permission of the owner of this site to post this message) Good Luck with the move!