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Issues about Child Care Center Manager - 189/190

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Hello everyone, i am so happy to be here and i have some questions hope someone can help and much apperciated!

my background, was a kindergarten teacher (2-6 years old) for 8 years, and child care supervisor for 3 years ( reported to the principal and the size is around 300 kids and supervised ard 50 staffs ), and i had a diploma and a bachelor of early childhood in Hong Kong, and already get a australia’s CHC50113 diploma of early childhood thought RPL, so that means i never study in Aus and did not have any placement in Aus. 

i sent an email to ACECQA already they replied my CHC50113 diploma is eligible coz they dont mind how you obtained the diploma and for the working experience can be anywhere, and my 3 years management experience is fit to the job requirements so i believe i can pass the assessment. And i will provide all the evidence as much as i can. 

**but for the working experience before being Supervisor i dont have to give it to ACECQA right?

however, for applying the 189, i would like to ask,

1) is there any problem about my Australia’s CHC50113 Diploma as i did not have the placement in Australia ( but i had 480 hours placement done in Hong Kong with evidence. )

[and i had a Bachelor degree of Early Childhood in Hong Kong and i will do the NQF level assessment as well. And hope that can get more points than the diploma]

2) for claiming the work experience, is that ONLY count the 3 years management experience, before that i got 8 years working experience as a teacher, so can i claim it too? 

3) for the working experience do i need to provide any job description written by the employer like the ACECQA assessment do or just provide a cerified reference letter is fine?


thank you so much for your time to read this and thanks to u guys who would like to anwser me, much appreciated!

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3 minutes ago, VERYSTORMY said:

You need to speak to a good registered migration agent. 

Any suggestion? Thank you so much for ur reply. 

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