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Billie Jean

Risky Visa Application

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Hi Folks,

I just got an invite to lodge my visa for my 189 EOI (90 points) in Civil Engineering. However, I just realized that I may have overclaimed 5 points related to Australian work experience. Here's the issue:

I worked for an Australian-based company in Canada for many years and in 2012 I did a year long secondment with them in their Queensland office. I was physically present in Australia for 11 months and after the 11 month mark, I moved back to Canada to work with my home office. In filling out my EOI I thought I could claim one year of Australian work experience because even though I only spent 11 months in Australia, I spent the 1 month back I was back  in Canada still working on Australian projects as part of the project handover phase. Now I realize that to claim the 5 points for Aus experience, you need to be physically present in the country.

Should I proceed with my application? An agent that I consulted with told me to take the risk, as the chances of invites ever being issued post covid are quite small. I feel like the likelihood of rejection is very high in my case and I don't want being refused a visa to go on my records and affect my future applications (for example for an 190 or temporary work 482).


Many Thanks

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You have asked the same question three times and the answer is the same: consult a registered migration agent ASAP. If you have over-claimed points then the visa WILL be refused. 

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Paul Hand

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1801974

SunCoast Migration Ltd

All comments are general in nature and do not constitute legal or migration advice. Comments may not be applicable or appropriate to your specific situation. Any comments relate to legislation and policy at date of post. 

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