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Watched pot never boils!

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@AimzWhat Anzsco code and points did you have?

29/12/17 AHPRA logged,  31/01/2018 AHPRA asked for more docs,  20/02/2018 AHPRA rec'd docs, 27/02/2018 AHPRA extension app'd, 12/03/2018 Reg in principle, 29/03/2018 AHPRA Full Registration, 29/03/2018 Anmac Modified Skills lodged,   15/05/2018 ANMAC Mod skills Assessment +ve,  Aug. 2018 PTE-A (L:85 R:90 S:90 W:90),  South Australia State 190 Sponsorship Applied 08/09/2018, State Sponsorship Approved 08/11/2018, Lodged 190 visa 16/11/2018.  CO Contact for form 47a for migrating adult child, and non-migrating non-dependent adult children  9th April, 2019.    Grant 4th June 2019!!!! Job Offer Aug 2019, Flying to Oz October 2nd 2019✈️🇦🇺🌞

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