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  1. Jenki75

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    That's Awesome, take care on your drive over the boarder! Your almost here.
  2. Jenki75

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Will they let you into South Australia now that the boarder is closing midnight on Wednesday?
  3. Jenki75

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    We booked some short term accommodation in Unley for when we arrived. Within the week we viewed a lot of rentals, in areas we thought could work for our daily commute and they were in our budget. It basically came down to the first rental that approved us would be where we would live. We were in a bit of a time crunch due to starting work. I have to say it worked out well for us, we ended up in Mount Barker and love it here. Littlehampton, Nairn and Handorf are all close to us and I like all the country towns. Please be mindful with regards to bushfires and areas hard to get in and out.
  4. Jenki75

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Congrats on your Visa!! We arrived in Adelaide Oct 8th 2019, been great so far.
  5. Jenki75

    190 Visa waiting 8 months since lodgement

    Glad your still progressing and should get over here eventually!
  6. Jenki75

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    @CAN_UK I just used the ETA visitor visa for the bank account.
  7. I have a: 2009 Ford F250 pick up truck XL Super Duty, Super cab 4X4 5.4L V8 engine Long box with Hard top cover 100,000km Petrol Automatic Air conditioning Front bench seating Left hand drive Would it be worth converting to Australian standards and bringing?
  8. Jenki75

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    I flew to Australia to present in person and flew home again.
  9. I opened a bank account online with Commonwealth bank, I walked into the branch and showed my ID, verbally gave them the Australian address and then they made sure all bank statements would just be online and not physically mailed. The branch printed off the bank statement and I took it to AHPRA. AHPRA also took the Australian address but I could have a 2nd address for mail. My AHPRA mail comes to my home address in Canada.
  10. Jenki75

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Congratulations Leigh and family!
  11. Jenki75

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Nice to know! We were looking at Happy Valley/Aberfoyle Park online, but now we are thinking about Seaford Rise area. We are happy to hear you are enjoying Seaford Meadows and the train is an easy commute. We are looking at arriving in October.
  12. I read your post and it was almost an eerie coincidence. Your post was almost my life 10.5 yrs ago. The problem is not the location that you live in. You will have the same problems in the UK or Australia. You need to look at the relationship and what each of you want, as both your priorities appear to be very different from what I have read.
  13. Jenki75

    Migration to Canada

    It's a little of both but mostly weather. House prices are the same in both countries but you get a bigger house in Calgary for the money, this helps as your in doors most of the year. Car insurance is mandatory and fully comprehensive is $1300 for me will an excellent driving record. House insurance on my own home is $4000 per year and property tax is $3500 per year, then you have to pay for garbage, water and recycling which is another $250 per month. Then you have Gas and electricity. You can get minimum wage jobs but it will be very difficult to support yourself on this wage. Once you could make minimum wage and afford to rent a town house but almost impossible with rent prices today. My oldest child has worked minimum wage in retail and her wage was about $15 per hour in Alberta. She is at university because you cant live on minimum wage. To rent house in the Calgary area you are looking at $1700 per month. Australia isn't cheap either but less expensive in the way of some of the Bill's I mentioned above. Weather is my biggest draw to Australia though.
  14. Jenki75

    Migration to Canada

    Currently living in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I moved here from the UK in 1993. The winter in Northern BC, all of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are brutally long. The snow starts around the end of October and will continue until the first week of May. Sometimes the snow melts for a week or so in winter but then it's back. In these prairie provinces it gets cold down to -25 plus wind chill in winter, so it could be as cold as -35. Summer can be nice but the last 3-5 years in BC and Alberta we have had really really bad forest fires, so you cant go out side much on these days either. Just last week we had the highest poor air quality rating ever in Alberta, it was worse than Delhi and Beijing put together. My daughter lives in Ontario and the weather is much nicer and they get proper seasons, and higher humidity. The Jobs are in the major cities however the cost to live there is more expensive. Calgary, Alberta is in a major recession since the economy relies on oil and gas, the problem is the last provincial government made it too expensive for the large oil and gas companies here and they left and went to other places such as Texas. Domestic flights are expensive to fly from Calgary to Toronto one way will be $500 or more, it can be cheaper to go to Mexico. Calgary to Edmonton flights run around $ 200 this is a short 3 hour drive and you never get them much cheaper. Your Gas and electric will be a large expense as you will be keeping your house warm in winter, car insurance is not cheap either and don't get me started on property tax. But I moved here and made a good life, now I want a different life more outdoor living so we are moving to Australia.
  15. Jenki75

    190 Applicants from Nov 2018

    I started paying university deposits for my girls and was coming to the conclusion that the visa wasn't going to happen. So don't give up yet!