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  1. Jenki75

    DAMA far north QLD

    I completely agree there is a huge shortage currently for nurses and midwives. All states are completing for new hires. Currently Queensland health is offering an incentive package of up to $20,000 for any international or interstate midwife. I received this information below on the 24th of May Queensland Health is made up on 16 Hospital and Health Services, 10 in regional, rural and remote locations. With hundreds of health jobs available in regional, rural and remote Queensland, we are recruiting. To register your interest in these opportunities, submit your application via the ‘Apply Now’ section on the Healthy Careers - Queensland Health site. For information regarding the attraction incentive scheme which takes effect from 1 July 2023, please visit Attraction incentives | Healthy Careers - Queensland Health. I am currently in SA and there is also a shortage here. The shortage is a global shortage at the moment.
  2. That was Adelaide and area. We rented 2 homes while we were waiting on our new home being built. Both times showing in Adelaide and Adelaide hills were mostly weekdays and over 30 people lined up to see the property in 2019 and 2020.
  3. Hi Onward, We moved from Canada in October 2019. I'm sure you've figured it how to send your items by now, but as a last resort leave them with someone and have them mail them to you when you have a place to stay. We did mail forwarding with Canada post, set it up before we left and managed it online. We shipped our furniture over and because it takes months to arrive you just update your address once it arrives onshore in Australia. Our items were picked up in Calgary mid September and arrived beginning of January. Tippet-Richardson handles international moves and you can add your boxes to help fill another persons container. Initially, just use your airbnb address and update before delivery. We brought our Canadian Cell phones and just went into Aldi (the grocery store) bought a family plan on day 1 and swapped out the SIM card - this was the best decision ever. (We still have a Canadian cell phone provider Rogers and can check messages here and there). Aldi family plan is awesome $80 for 4 people with 88GB shared data and data rollover. I know Canadian cell phone are supposed to be unlocked but check this before you leave! One of ours wasn't but caught it before we left Canada. Getting a rental can be a nightmare, make sure you have people in Canada that will provide references via email and ask your employer when you arrive. We found getting a rental easier out of the city (this suited us fine) but even that has become difficult. You cant rent anything until you arrive but take a look at the websites and create a applicant account and start uploading details before you arrive. The majority of rental showings are Monday to Friday 9-5 so try and do most of the viewings before you start work. We had jobs before we arrived so had a tight timeline. Best of luck with the move, if you have further questions don't hesitate to ask
  4. Jenki75

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    That's Awesome, take care on your drive over the boarder! Your almost here.
  5. Jenki75

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Will they let you into South Australia now that the boarder is closing midnight on Wednesday?
  6. Jenki75

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    We booked some short term accommodation in Unley for when we arrived. Within the week we viewed a lot of rentals, in areas we thought could work for our daily commute and they were in our budget. It basically came down to the first rental that approved us would be where we would live. We were in a bit of a time crunch due to starting work. I have to say it worked out well for us, we ended up in Mount Barker and love it here. Littlehampton, Nairn and Handorf are all close to us and I like all the country towns. Please be mindful with regards to bushfires and areas hard to get in and out.
  7. Jenki75

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Congrats on your Visa!! We arrived in Adelaide Oct 8th 2019, been great so far.
  8. Jenki75

    190 Visa waiting 8 months since lodgement

    Glad your still progressing and should get over here eventually!
  9. Jenki75

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    @CAN_UK I just used the ETA visitor visa for the bank account.
  10. I have a: 2009 Ford F250 pick up truck XL Super Duty, Super cab 4X4 5.4L V8 engine Long box with Hard top cover 100,000km Petrol Automatic Air conditioning Front bench seating Left hand drive Would it be worth converting to Australian standards and bringing?
  11. Jenki75

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    I flew to Australia to present in person and flew home again.
  12. I opened a bank account online with Commonwealth bank, I walked into the branch and showed my ID, verbally gave them the Australian address and then they made sure all bank statements would just be online and not physically mailed. The branch printed off the bank statement and I took it to AHPRA. AHPRA also took the Australian address but I could have a 2nd address for mail. My AHPRA mail comes to my home address in Canada.
  13. Congratulations Leigh and family!
  14. Jenki75

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Nice to know! We were looking at Happy Valley/Aberfoyle Park online, but now we are thinking about Seaford Rise area. We are happy to hear you are enjoying Seaford Meadows and the train is an easy commute. We are looking at arriving in October.
  15. I read your post and it was almost an eerie coincidence. Your post was almost my life 10.5 yrs ago. The problem is not the location that you live in. You will have the same problems in the UK or Australia. You need to look at the relationship and what each of you want, as both your priorities appear to be very different from what I have read.