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  1. Hi, anyone who has recently moved to NSW or QLD and done the whole plumbing licenses/Gap training? I know each state is different but just wondering if anyone has any info for employment. Thank you
  2. Aimz

    Playgroups for babies 6months +

    My sister and family live north of Brisbane so ideally didn’t want to be too far from them. We also plan on moving October, had our visas too. We will stay with my sister for a few weeks then look at moving to an area. Is it your partners job that’s got the visa? My partner is a plumber so goin to be a pain getting a job and doing all gap training ect!
  3. Aimz

    Playgroups for babies 6months +

    Hi, sorry to jump in on your post. We are also looking at this area as our visa is for NSW but originally wanted to be in QLD. This would be a big thing for me as well ( although my little boy will be 3 so slightly older ) when do you plan on moving? [emoji2]
  4. Aimz

    Watched pot never boils!

    190 NSW visa granted yesterday! 17 weeks and 5 days in total! Over the moon!!
  5. Aimz

    190 visa

    Congratulations!! When did you apply? Did you wait for contact for medicals?
  6. Aimz

    190 visa

    Hopefully not too long. Keep us updated
  7. Aimz

    190 visa

    Not yet.. we submitted October 18th and had CO contact 3rd Jan. what about you?
  8. We submitted visa application 18th/19th October, also decided to wait for CO contact. We had contact on the 3rd Jan and have now submitted medicals and police checks. Hopefully you should hear very soon! Xx
  9. Aimz

    189 Granted !

    Congratulations!! We lodged on 18th October too but didn’t front load. Had contact and everything been submitted they asked for xx
  10. Aimz

    Watched pot never boils!

    That’s fab news, congratulations.. was your CO contact for medicals and police check? We had contact for those on 3rd jan so hoping won’t be long once we have sent them ( Waugh g on police checks to come) and have medicals on Friday!
  11. Oh no this is ages!! We lodged 19th Oct, had CO contact requesting police checks, medicals and form 80 3rd jan.. did you all front load?
  12. Our invitation to apply was really quick, less than 2 weeks for the initial one then only a couple more weeks after we had invitation to lodge the visa. Lodged 19th Oct and had contact to do medicals and police checks 3rd jan.
  13. Aimz

    190 visa

    Hi, same as is. First CO contact on the 3rd. Which visa are you? Be interesting to see the timeframe for us both now? We have booked medicals and are doing police checks tonight. I have to have for Australia too so hope they come back quick! We are using an agent, as far as I know the medicals get uploaded by the doctor and police checks you will upload when receive them xx
  14. Aimz

    190 visa

    Yes we already filled out form 80 and sent to our agent so it was ready if they requested it and they did. Did you send form 89 with medicals and police check?
  15. Aimz

    190 visa

    We had CO contact on 3/01/18 for medicals and police checks 10 weeks and 6 days after lodging! So happy. Just hope police checks come back in time for the 28 day timeframe as I need an Australian one too!! Have our medicals booked for the 18th jan! [emoji51][emoji119]