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UK Spouse Visa - Financial Requirement Route Help?!?

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    If you have been together for 10 years you will have better evidence than text messages.  Just send things from various points throughout the relationship, especially the most recent.  Rental agreements, joint accounts, car registrations, insurance, travel documents, wills, even driving licences with same address on.

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    So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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    11 hours ago, Sarahelle said:

    Thank you Begyby, that would be great 🙂

    We're starting off by getting our kids British passports and we'll start collecting evidence.  They say they accept Skype and Whatsapp records but we don't use any of that - we've been together for 10 years so we only text - got loads and loads of text messages lol. What did you submit for that kind of thing?

    I can't see text messages working. That's not really proof of a relationship. We submitted a couple.of photos from each year we had been together, and in various places worldwide on holidays together. Photos of us at family functions, us with our daughter growing up etc. All photos had details of who, when and where on the back. Stuff with my family, with my wife's family and everyone. 2 letters from friends confirming we were a legit couple and history of how we met etc. Joint rental receipts, joint household bills, joint bank statements etc. Various examples through the years to show we lived together. Obviously marriage cert and daughters birth certificate showing both names. Any legal docs and historical photo evidence will prove a relationship, but text messages could be between any 2 people and don't really show anything. E.g. my wife and I could change our phone names to you and your partner and send our texts as evidence. It doesn't prove anything and would be difficult for them to verify the info as genuine and correct.

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    Okay well we have lots of that for evidence. I understand the kind of thing they want as had to do spouse visa for Australia - I wouldn't use text messages anyway - I just wondered if it was strictly necessary to show regular message contact with someone you live with and are married to as I know they are quite particular. 

    Thanks for the info 🙂 

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