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Guest Georgie Boy

Sending money and stuff over to Oz

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    Guest Georgie Boy

    To cut a long story short, I need to send all the money I make from the sale of my flat and all my possesions, which isn't much now as I'm leaving most of it behind.


    I'm taking my medium/large vinyl collection, my whole set-up (3 decks, amp, speakers etc) CD's, clothes, my double bed and no doubt a few other small bits 'n' pieces.


    Has anyone found a good enough way of transfering large amounts of money over to Oz without getting stung too bad?!? Like-wise, has anyone found a cost-effective courier service to get possesions over there?


    I have only started to look into this now as my focus was, and still is, on the application process :?


    Will answer my own topic if and when I find out but would appreciate other peeps' views/experiences.


    Cheers people.


    Oh, sorry if this has been covered before. :oops:

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    Guest dodge

    without sounding mean, Sell ur old crap as items like that are not expensive and its cheaper to replace then to send and wait. the records can come over in a shared container, but as for the bed and amps , cheap as chips here. I would like a 2000 cooper s tho......

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    The exchange rate depends a lot on how unstable it is , if its up and down throughout the day phone around as some banks sytems seem a bit slow updating especially after hours so you may get a better or worse deal from one place compared to another even tho the exchage rate should be identical.


    I've used First Direct in the UK and also




    Don't be afraid the haggle on the exchange rate with these smaller players. You might get the commercial rate if you are lucky. A lot depends if you are transferring 2 quid or 200k !




    Just remember sending your things by sea is much cheaper than air but take note that by Sea takes at least 6 weeks. We sent a few essentials by air and the rest by sea. Make sure you take head of the import restrictions for plants/seeds/alcohol etc


    Make sure any quotes you get are door to door. You dont want to be stuck with unexpected customers charges and delivery etc


    Also insurance is needed but its normally void for delicate items if you dont pay to have them packed professionally. so check your small print.


    If you are moving to anywhere tropical like Cairns you should copy any important video or tape recordings to DVD. The humidity and / or mold will destroy your old UK VHS tapes in time ....

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