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    Hello there can anyone enlighten me on the separation/divorce laws in Darwin.

    My niece  is living in Darwin   she is an Australian by birth, but the advice she is being given does not sound correct regarding  the legalities of  the process. Can anyone advise,? 

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    This is a migration forum. I am not sure anyone can advise re divorce laws in the NT.

    Are there no guidelines anywhere online to go out from? 

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    Family matters are done on a federal basis so Darwin will be the same as Perth, Sydney etc.  Australia operates a No Fault divorce system.  Issues generally fall into 2 categories, Child access/care and Property settlements.  If the parties can agree an outcome amicably it can be done quite cheaply and processed through the courts 

    I'm no expert but have some experience of the family courts (unfortunately).  Happy for you/her to pm me and I can give you my 2 cents worth based on my experience.

    A good resource is a book called Breaking up by Robert Larkins.  He is a family court barrister and it is a guide to the system for non legal people.  Even if she has a lawyer, it is worth a read.  The more inormed she is, the better she can direct her lawyer (and save $).

    May also be worth looking at the mensline.org.au forum.  It is aimed at support for men (mostly fighting to get access to their kids)/.  Most guys on there have been through the system and will give you free advice based on their extensive experience throught the courts.  A lawyer will tell you the same thing but charge you $300+ per hour.

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