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  1. Hey Aussiederek, I accept your point that there isn't a majority in NI who want re-unifaction with the south, YET. It is only a matter of time and demographics. It would be interesting to see the view in light of Brexit. NI voted to remain by a significant margin(56:44). Whilst it is clear you are a unionist and have been away for many years, you may not be aware many people (mostly under 40) don't give a toss about the union (UK or ROI). They want to leave the sensless battles to the bigoted old men (on both sides) and are waiting for them to die out. By the way, many people down south may be reluctant to take the North for economic reasons - it's a basket case. And most, English, Welsh and Scottish people I know aren't arsed about whether NI is part of the UK or not. They don't really consider NI people British (as much as that may offend you) As Rob says, it took 800 years of blood to gain independence from the UK and as you say, the modern state is <100 years old, there is no desire for the south to become part of the UK. The ROI is very pro Europe and whilst there are significant cultural and trade links with the UK, if it was a choice between UK and EU, it would be 90%+ for EU. Yes - many Irish people live in the UK and moved there for mainly economic necessity in the 50's and 80's etc Many British people (English, Scottish, Welsh) chose to now live in Ireland, particularly down in West Cork etc. I think it is about 2.5% of the population of the ROI. The British Isles is a geographical term not a political one. The British Isles are a group of islands off the north-western coast of continental Europe that consist of the islands of Great Britain, Ireland and over six thousand smaller isles. BTW - even the Unionist politicans have told their constituents to get Irish Passports (EU) before Brexit finalises and many UK citizens of Irish descent are doing likewise. I wouldn't be so sure about the Scots either., Only needs is 5% to change their minds for a majority and every council area in Scotland voted Remain (overall 62:38) plus more young people voted for independence than old so if they have a 2nd referendum 4 more years of young people will be eligible to vote and 4 years of old people will have died.
  2. Inner west is best! Eastern suburbs are backpackers and stuck up wannabees, Winter is coming too, so beach not as relevant for about 6 months. Balmain, Rozelle - look no further, best suburbs in Sydney, Newtown worth a look for more lively nightlife and a bit of diversity - nice vibe.
  3. Have a look on Glassdoor for reviews from current, past employees.
  4. Yep - you are responsible for the rent until they re-lease or the lease ends. Your employer shouldn't care where you live if you are happy to travel SOR for work. What industry are you in and how far north are you? In this market, if there is a suitable job, take it and do the travel, maybe buy a scooter/motorbike to skip thorugh the traffic You can either move house (or job) in time.
  5. Well, IMO - Brexit makes no sense & NI makes no sense either, never has There is a natural border between the Islands of Ireland and Britain called the Irish sea. Interesting that NI voted to remain in the EU and many staunch unionist politicians were telling their constituents to get Irish passports prior to and post the Brexit vote. People in NI are entitled to both Irish and British citizenship under the Good Friday agreement. There is a growing young constituency in Northern Ireland who don't consider themselves Irish or British but Northern Irish - call them the Rory McIlroy generation. It will be interesting to see what happens with Scotland. If the SNP maintain or increase their mandate in the upcoming election, surely that is a mandate for another independence referendum prior to March 2019. Could we see an independent Scotland & NI (2 separate states) remaining as members of the EU, out of the union but maybe still in the Commonwealth?
  6. Thanks - I'll pm you
  7. Really? The recruiters are telling me that rates have dropped significantly even where there are roles. The overqualified problem is something that I am coming across as well. If you are hiring and looking for any senior finance managers, please let me know as I'm looking.
  8. Ok - Apology accepted. I had no problem with your point just with the analogy used. It is NEVER ok to use real life massacres as an analogy to something like that. It belittles the reality of what happened which should never be forgotten. The next time you are in Europe, go visit a concentration camp, it is a chilling experience. I'll leave it there.
  9. What a horrible and offensive comment to use as an analogy. Try visiting Auschwitz someday, it will open your eyes
  10. They have that express bus which is $18 to Spencer st and takes about 20minutes (non peak)
  11. 3 option that I am aware of International section in most Coles & Woolies have some English/Irish stuff (can't beat Tayto Cheese & Onion and the Ballymaloe relish). TasteofIreland have an online shop that ships all over Oz from their warehouse in Sydney. Aldi do great European chocolate at reasonable prices (Riesens and choceur)
  12. Would be interesting to see updated numbers, these are 9 months old. I'd guess WA has dropped a lot. I'm job hunting here at the moment and have been told to expect a 15-30% paycut to what I was earning in Sydney if I am lucky enough to find something.
  13. Ok, so you love the location and love him and the relationship. Your issue seems to be that you miss having a social circle to do stuff with (independent of your partner). This is important and you need to have a life outside/independent of the relationship or else the pressure of being in each others pockets will become suffocating. Keep doing what you're doing with meetup groups etc based on your interests and follow up with people you click with with initially. If you are into hiking, camping and the outdoors life, look up a facebook group called Go Sydney Adventures. Run by an American guy named Bryon and he is constantly organising lots of fun activities for a large social group - a lot of expats and I think the age profile will be good for you. Activities can be orienteering to kayaking to hiking to weekends away (MOFO in Hobart etc) to Craft brewery pub crawls etc
  14. As a recent frequent visitor and recent migrant to Perth, I'd have to agree with nearly all of the above and it is similar to my experience Very overpriced for leisure, drinks, cafes, meals etc. Property becoming more affordable. Definitely need a car, public transport is there but needs further investment Employment is hard to come by. Perth needs some new industries to balance out the boom & bust of mining. Similar timezone to Singapore, could look to become a back office provider to Singapore's financial services industry
  15. He/She probably knows no more than you do today. Givem them a few days and they should know more then