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  1. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You shouldn't do. There is no paywall on that site. Among other observations, he suggests that NI have a referendum on which customs union it wants to be in the EU or UK ( it doesn't mean that they need to leave the UK) Could be a way to break the impasse over the border. The DUP won't go for it but they only represent about 35% of the people in NI and even some of their supporters may chose the EU customs union. TM's comment about splitting up "her country" raised a few ironic and wry smiles in Ireland, she may need a lesson in Irish history.
  2. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Opens fine for me. An Irish Journalist who has been covering the Brexit circus. Some interesting points particularly around the NI impasse
  3. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Dan O'Brien: A no-deal Brexit is the most likely outcome in March https://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/dan-obrien/dan-obrien-a-nodeal-brexit-is-the-most-likely-outcome-in-march-37344888.html
  4. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Ehh. The Irish people don't want to. It is a republic and fought to leave "the empire" a long time ago. An Irexit referendum in the ROI would be a comfortable 90% + remain. Espeically after watching the circus of the last 2 years across the water. I wasn't actually advocating a United Ireland (it will happen in time anyway) but NI remaining in the customs union and the single market. It would mean a customs border down the Irish sea but NI would still be part of the UK. The DUP won't like it but they do not represent the majority in NI.
  5. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I don't think Dublin (& hence the EU) will agree. The solution is to ignore the DUP who do not represent the majority of people in NI (NI voted remain 56%). NI can have the best of both worlds as a special case (EU have already agreed) and remain in the single market and the UK. The border can be the Irish sea. It is the only logical solution. If the DUP weren't propping up the tories it would have been sorted ages ago. Nice to see that the Brexiteers are starting to think about Ireland though after ignoring the issue for years.
  6. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Reading between the lines (& not that hard), he is indicating that f/x rates will have a much bigger impact than tarriffs. So even if tarriffs are 0%, if (& it's really when) the GBP falls imports become more expensive. He was reluctant to put a number on it as his words can move markets. My guess is that GBP would fall by another 20%+ in a hard brexit scenario. Good for your exports pre tarriffs. UK needs an election. Each party needs to lay out a firm position on Brexit. Hard Brexit Soft Brexit (Norway deal - remain in the customs union, 4 freedoms etc) New referendum as people are more informed now than they were in 2016.
  7. Raffles is a hotel now as well, 1/2 price pizza on a Weds. Airbnb is always my 1st choice now. You should get a nice 1 bed place for c.$100pn I have a friend living in Applecross and it would be similar to Mosman in Sydney (but quieter). Lovely area, on the river but dead after 7pm. Perth's "Surry Hills" doesn't exist (I've been looking for Perth's Balmain for 3 years). The closest you will find is Freo or Leederville or Mount Lawley. Raffles, is fairly close to the train for shooting into the city but I would recommend a car for Perth. Freo is close to Applecross (15min drive), Perth CBD is a bit soulless although they are tring to improve it with Elizabeth Quay etc. A few nice small bars around Murray street. I like my area - Mt Hawthorn/Leederville, some nice bars/cafes/restaurants - a bit of life. Leederville is a bit like Newtown (except about 1/3 of the size). Weaher getting warm now - 30's this week. bring your wallet - Perth is Sydney+20% for food & drinks. I suspect you will gravitate towards Freo rathar than Perth. LC worth a visit (LC next door is good - upstairs)
  8. Collie

    To sell or rent out Aussie property

    No, some others make very specific comments - How can somebody living in the UK (for a long time), with no financial qualifications or knowledge (even a layman's knowledge or life experience) of the Melbourne property market possibly be qualified to comment on the OP's query? I make sure I say that they are IMO and relate to general issue or qualify my opinion based on my experience. I don't make stupid/factually incorrect statements like "No brainer, property always goes up and doubles in value every 10 years" or "Don't go to Sydney" as 2 posters advised a young backpacker when neither one has ever lived there (both live in the UK btw and 1 only spent a year living in rural Queensland - How does that qualify one to give advice on living in Sydney. Anyway - I think I may be hanging up my keyboard on this site (following some of the sensible posters) Some of what is allowed to be posted in the Brexit thread and Chewing the fat is very distasteful with a strong undercurrent of racisim and facism. I didn't realise that PIO was an outpost of the EDL. I thought the purpose of the site was to offer help (based on appropriate life experience) to migrants looking to move to Australia around a range of relevant day to day issues.
  9. Collie

    To sell or rent out Aussie property

    I have never given anybody specific financial advice on this forum. I couldn't do that without knowing a lot more about their specific circumstances, financial goals and attitude to risk. I have made general comments about issues raised based on my qualified opinion. With regards to my qualifications - I am a CPA and an ACMA/CGMA with over 20 years experience working in the Financial Services sector in Ireland and Australia. Does that answer your question?
  10. Collie

    Labour 'war-gaming for run on pound' if elected

    Well, first of allm the statement I have bolded is not true. 2 recent GBP examples are the June 2016 when the GBP "tanked" 25% after the Brexit vote and further back in the 1990's when George Soros speculated against the Bank of England and made about 1B GBP. Secondly, saying that Labour are planning to wreck the economy is not an accurate conclusion based on the article. Not sure how anyone could possibly draw that conclusion based on the article written. Have you read it? It merely says that Labour have policy plans based on certain scenarios, if the scenario doesn't happen, the plan stays on a shelf. BTW - I am neutral when it comes to UK politics. I would be centre right on fiscal issues and centre left on social issues.
  11. Collie

    Labour 'war-gaming for run on pound' if elected

    Have you actually read the article? What is your problem with it? Scenario planning is a good thing, every business worth their salt does it on a regular basis and boards often ask for BCP (Business Continuity Plans). You should be more worries if they didn't have these back up plans. you can be damn sure the Bank of England does. Good to see that you are starting to recognise the likely economic impacts of Brexit. What brought about your "Come to Jesus" moment?
  12. Collie

    To sell or rent out Aussie property

    Well Kate, Legally, to give financial advice you are meant to be a qualified financial advisor. Making off the cuff and factually incorrect statements such as "Property always goes up" is not really useful to the OP. Also being made by somebody who (AFAIK) has no financial training and hasn't lived in Australia in quite a while is misleading. I actually think stating your qualifications/experience helps. There was another thread where 2 posters were advising a poster not to travel to Sydney, both live in the UK and have never lived in Sydney - how could they be possibly qualified to comment. It is actually impossible to give financial advice to the OP with the information provided. At a minimum, you would need to know: His/her age, appitude for risk (both asset class and f/x), financial goals, other assets and liabilities (for diversification), whether the property would be positively or negatively geared etc. It makes no financial sense to keep a negatively geared property in Australia if you are living overseas and have no other Australian income. For most people, a property in a city like Melbourne would be a significant asset (probably their largest), hence why I suggested the OP get professional advice from a qualified professional who will take their overall financial position, risk profile etc into account. Hope the health is going ok.
  13. Collie

    WA Driving licence

    Are you sure about this? AFAIK, in Australia, they generally insure the vehicle, regardless of the driver
  14. Collie

    To sell or rent out Aussie property

    Again, are you a qualifed financial advisor? Houses in Dublin are still 20-30% lower than they were in 2007 (a 10 year time frame), I have a reasonable knowledge of the Dublin market. $100k invested in Dublin/London property in 1995 would be worth less today than if it was invested in most managed funds.
  15. Collie

    To sell or rent out Aussie property

    Should also add, if you are living overseas, it really only makes sense to have a property investment in Australia if it is positively geared.