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  1. Collie

    Divorce after visa grant

    Let me get this right. You are proposing to move the children away 13,000 miles from their father. You and him can get a divorce, doesn't mean that the kids and their Dad are divorced. What ages are the kids? You will need his permission for the kids to emigrate with you or a court's ok if he objects (highly unlikely). If you take the kids without that, it will most likely be seen as abduction. He can apply for a recovery order through the courts and return of the children under the Hague convention (& it will be most likely granted). I some some experience of the family law courts.
  2. Collie

    Which airlines?

    I flew Qatar last year and couldn't fault them at all. Would have them above Qantas, BA or Emirates. I know lots of others who said the same. They were pretty good when my mother changed plans to travel in March. No problems issuing a credit voucher valid for 2 years even though the flight still went. Doha airport is an easy one to navigate too. The bigger issue you will face is the limitations on arrivals by the government. I think Perth is at 525 per week and can't see it changing anytime soon.
  3. Collie

    John Hume, Nobel peace prize winner dies

    Only person ever granted the Nobel peace prize, the Martin Luther King award and the Gandi peace award.
  4. Collie

    Worst day so far

    Believe me mate, most people don't want the feds in charge of this stuff, espeically the current lot (after the bushfires). Certainly not in WA where Mark McGowan has huge support for his stance. I suspect SA, Qld and Tassie is the same. The federal govt only dropped out of the court case against the WA state govt closed border at the last minute. The Liberals would have been on track to have been completely wiped out in the west electorally. Australia as a whole was doing quite well and on track for elimination until the quarantine breaches in Victoria. It shows that it doesn't take much to spiral out of control.
  5. Collie

    John Hume, Nobel peace prize winner dies

    An absolute legend and true stateman. Civil rights icon and architect of peace in the British Isles. History will remember him fondly as a political giant. Ar deis Dè go raibh a anam.
  6. Based on my experience of knowing somebody with it, there are a lot of parallels and red flags, so likely to be something like that. Fair play to Depp for taking the case and highlighting the issue of false accusations and male DV victims. Also to Winona Ryder & Vanessa Paradis for sticking up for him publicly.
  7. Actually that was her. Depp is a victim of DV in this case. If he was th "wife beater" as the sun accused him of being his ex's would have been victims too and said so. Instead they have issued statements of support to the court for him. She's a nutcase.
  8. Collie

    When to go?

    Hey mate, FYI Victoria have just announced that all incoming international flights to be diverted for the next few weeks.
  9. Collie

    Weak pound

  10. Collie

    WA heading for recession

    All of the world. Need central banks to print money to avoid a 1930s style depression.
  11. Collie

    Exemption to Travel from Australia

    If you feel that strongly about it, you can always renounce your Australian citizenship.
  12. Collie

    Be a migration agent

    It's just analytics mate. They do it across all professions. The ATO have a huge amount of data. With AI, it is likely that a human never saw that letter, the analysis would have been done automatically and letters issued based on certain parameters. If your return is legit, you'll be fine and I doubt there will be any further action.
  13. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    To be made in Europe btw. Oh, the irony.
  14. Collie

    CTF - what's the solution

    Definition of racism 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race Now go back and read your posts. Here's a clue; When one says the English/Australians/Northerners/Muslims/Scots/Irish/Germans/French take your pick etc that is racist (it doesn't really matter what you say after it). Ie defining your behaviour towards an individual based on their nationality or race. If you don't like your posts being called out as racist / fascist, stop posting racist & fascist comments. If you are honestly shocked by the accusations, maybe you need to take a good look in the mirror and do some reading on the subject.