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  1. Collie

    WA heading for recession

    All of the world. Need central banks to print money to avoid a 1930s style depression.
  2. Collie

    Exemption to Travel from Australia

    If you feel that strongly about it, you can always renounce your Australian citizenship.
  3. Collie

    Be a migration agent

    It's just analytics mate. They do it across all professions. The ATO have a huge amount of data. With AI, it is likely that a human never saw that letter, the analysis would have been done automatically and letters issued based on certain parameters. If your return is legit, you'll be fine and I doubt there will be any further action.
  4. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    To be made in Europe btw. Oh, the irony.
  5. Collie

    NBN internet

    Hi folks, Anybody switched to NBN yet? I was wary as had heard mixed reports on service. Unfortunatley, my ADSL 2 service has been steadily declining in quality over the last year and just became unusable so I made the jump a few months back. So far so good. I went with Aussie broadband who were good with set-up niggles. $79 pm for 50mbps download, 20mbps upload and speeds have been close to that everytime I tested it. Unlimited downloads too which is good as tend to do a lot of streaming (Netflix, Optus Sport, Stan). Cheers.
  6. Collie

    CTF - what's the solution

    Definition of racism 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race Now go back and read your posts. Here's a clue; When one says the English/Australians/Northerners/Muslims/Scots/Irish/Germans/French take your pick etc that is racist (it doesn't really matter what you say after it). Ie defining your behaviour towards an individual based on their nationality or race. If you don't like your posts being called out as racist / fascist, stop posting racist & fascist comments. If you are honestly shocked by the accusations, maybe you need to take a good look in the mirror and do some reading on the subject.
  7. Collie

    CTF - what's the solution

    Why do you? You add 0 value to the main purpose of the site, have nothing to do with Australia and can provide no help to migrants/potential migrants. Actually, your threads and posts diminish the credibility of the site.
  8. Collie

    CTF - what's the solution

    Hey Tony, It's far past banter. It's 2-3 posters who are the persistent offenders. Have a quick glance at the Brexit thread to see the extreme nationalism. One poster repeatedly insinuates that I & everybody Irish are all terrorists and hate all English people. That's not banter, it's hate speach.
  9. From a work point of view for your partner, Brisbane may be better than Perth but not by much. It really is Sydney or Melbourne. Her type of role does lend itself to remote working but unlikely to get that straight away. If you end up doing FIFO, she may as well be in Sydney.
  10. Collie

    CTF - what's the solution

    You are kidding, right? Simmo is 90% of the problem (with a handful of others). Constantly starting trolling and subliminally racist threads. You have to ask the ? What is the purpose of the site? I thought it was for migrants/potential migtants to Australia Close CTF IMO. It adds 0 value to an otherwise ok site. The CTF threads actually show the site in a very bad light and diminishes any credibility the other threads have. It is dominanted by Dad's army posters who are largely based in the UK and have nothing to do with Australia. They add no value to the main threads at all and are just interested in shit stirring. I'd love to know how many migrants (with good practical knowledge about Australia) have walked away from this site, I know of a few in Perth.
  11. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I vote Get Rid of so much which adds 0 value.
  12. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Not odd at all if you read the news. Dominic Cummings is calling the shots. On whose behalf though? Aaron Banks & his cronies. Btw - Trump is just a puppet too.
  13. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Surely it's dawned on you by now that Boris is just a puppet or are you really that naive?
  14. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Maybe spend a bit less time on here and go to your local library and ask for books on the rise of the third reich. Or even read Orwell's Animal Farm (& no it's a story about animals).
  15. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You should really read about german history in the 1920's and 1930's. The parrallels to the UK in recent years is scary.
  16. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    No, it's because of his actions. Who is he to tell the Chancellor of the Exchequer who can/can't advise him? You guys give out about the EU but can't see what's happening under your nose. Educate yourself.
  17. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I think Fürher/Fuehrer Cummings is a more approriate title. Fuehrer: A leader, especially one exercising the powers of a tyrant.
  18. Online lender N26 to close accounts as it pulls out of the UK over Brexit https://www.independent.ie/business/brexit/online-lender-n26-to-close-accounts-as-it-pulls-out-of-the-uk-over-brexit-38949290.html
  19. Collie

    White Privilege?

    Based on their actions to date and what is allowed to stand, yes.
  20. Collie

    Are you racist quiz

  21. Collie

    Are Ozies ingrates to their northern neighbor?

    But isn't that the majority of most threads in CTF? The little englanders (most of whom have nothing to do with Australia) start a few everyday. This one is equally as bad just from a different source.
  22. Collie

    Notice Period

    Is it 6 months both ways? For most white collar roles, 1 month is the norm. As you get more senior, it would be 3 months. For 6 months, I would expect it to be a C suite role. Is it something you can negotiate down? At least make sure it is paid notice. Also, someone mentioned non-compete clauses. They are rarely enforceable and have been struck out by the courts on many occasions (a recent example is the Ryanair v Peter Bellew case)
  23. Mate, I come from a FS background. 60%+ of opportunities for her will be in Sydney, about 35% in Melbourne and maybe 5% elsewhere. While the big super funds will have front office operations interstate all the back office stuff will be Syd/Melbs. Perth is great for raising a family but there is next to no FS operations (trust me, I live here). She could look at a treasury type role in 1 of the big resource companies but they are hard to get into and there are a lot of very qualified professionals in Perth job seeking. Adelaide has a big defence industry, Canberra is a govt/uni town. Have a look on seek.com.au or Linked In to get a feel for job opportunities in the various locations. Could she keep her Canadian job and work remotely?
  24. Collie

    Superannuation - Expired PR and Tax

    Yep, it's just reallocated from your super fund to the ATO. It's to prevent it been eaten away by excessive fees. I'm open to correction but I had thought that was nothing to do with your visa but rather whether your account is active or inactive i.e. happens to PRs and citizens too. I thought it was 12 months of inactivity and simpling logging into your account makes it active (but I may be wrong).