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Hi, My name is Kerrie, Im 28 years old & my partner Jamie is 33 years old we are planning to move to Buderim/Maroochydore area in Aug 2007.

Im a qualified Hairdresser, but work in retail finance. I also have lot's of customer service experience & office experience. Jamie is a qualified engineer with mainly years of experience & has also experience in retail.

Does anyone know how hard it would be to get this kind of work on the sunshine coast? I would be happy to work in a shop & maybe Jamie would like to be a post man, we are very open mined on the job front.

We would like some helpful information for us or contacts on getting a job that would be great.

please feel free to reply.


Ps We live in Rugby at the moment, if anyone is going to sunshine coast next year & would like to make new friends & meet up, please get in touch with us by post in us or emailing us at jamie.kerrie50@ntlworld.com.

Kind Reguards

Kerrie & Jamie.x

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Hi Kerrie and Jamie,


My name is Barry (42), my wife is Angela (39) and we have a daughter, Eve (10).


I can't help with your search for work I'm afraid but thought I'd reply as it seems we may be in a similar position.


Friends of ours moved out to Buderim in Jan 2006. We went out to visit them last April after starting the Visa process in February and fell in love with the area. To cut a long story short we now have our Visa's and we have bought land in Buderim. Our house in the UK is on the market and as soon as it is sold we will be going out there.


Angela is a qualified nurse, so we are not expecting it to be too difficult for her to find work. I work for a Bank in London and really don't know what I'll be doing when I get there. When we were there in April I did go to Brisbane and spoke to a couple of agency's who seemed quite optamistic about the work situation there, but I really want to get away from commuting so would rather work closer to Buderim.


If you'd like to stay in touch to share the adventure it would be great to hear from you.


Best of luck


Barry, Angela & Eve

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, as we are trying to correspond with as many people as possible, we feel the info we can all share would be invaluable in helping to settle in and of course making new friends.


Yes, the Sunshine Coast is a lovely area, we last went out in Nov 2005, to stay with my rels in Beerwah (about 20mins drive inland) where Australia zoo is, before touring right up the East coast past Port Douglas and into the Daintree, amazing.


We particularly liked the Sunshine Coast, as the towns are all within a few miles of each other, right on the coast, yet still close to the National parks/walks forests, etc, as well as being only about an hour from the Gold Coast/Brisbane.


We particularly like the look of Buderim, again due to it's location and because it is on a platto, hopefully meaning slightly cheaper housing and unlike the rest of the Sun Coast carn't really be built out too much, as we think the area is going to expand massively in the next 20yrs or so. If you don't mind me asking, did you think the prices of land/housing in Buderim are more reasonable, ie is that why you decided to choose Buderim?


Anyway, i'm Jamie, a 33yr old engineer (not sure I will be able to find work in this field, but am open-minded and have a varied c.v) and my partner, Kerrie, is 28yrs old, she is a qualified hairdresser, but is currently working in retail.


Our main reasons for emergrating are that we believe we can have a higher standard of living/better quality of live, eventually, all things considered, well, that's the idea (!) and are thinking long term, ie, where we would rather be in 10,20,30yrs time, etc.


Anyway, that is a bit about ourselves and what we are thinking,


Regards, Jamie & Kerrie.


ps, pl feel free to keep in touch!

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