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Found 365 results

  1. Hi my hubby is about to do his aqf3 and is a ceiling fixer 22+ - what is the job situation like over there would anyone advise to get the visa or the job first? Can we apply for our visa over there? loads of questions - just want to get out there :daydreaming:
  2. hie all members am a new member. We will be moving to the sunshine coast on a student visa end of April.Hubby will be studying at the Sunshine Coast University.I would like to know how we can get rental accommodation as we do not know anyone there.I would like to know other peoples experiences. How easy or difficult is it to get part time work.
  3. Whip Cracker

    Sunshine Coast locals and meet ups

    Hi all, Long time stalker, first time proper posting! Was hoping to see how many British ex pats are located here on the Sunshine Coast and also whether a group of people would like to meet up at all? My wife's originally from the West Midlands (I'm Australian) but also lived in the West Midlands briefly as well. The wife is missing home dearly and I'm sure if there is a local gathering of some Poms on the coast, we'd love to meet up! We currently have a 2 year old and one due in July we're in our early 30s. Love to grab a coffee at a local Cafe, which is our favourite pass times! We're located in Birtinya and we spend the majority of our time between Caloundra, Maroochydore and out to the Hinterland towards Nambour, Landsborough and Beerwah. Looking forward to hearing and hopefully meeting you all! Cheers
  4. Hi, we are moving to the sunshine coast from the uk within the next 3 months & am desperate for any info anyone can give me on schools in the sunshine coast. We have 2 girls aged 12 & 9. Just wondered if anyone has similar aged children there & how they settled in? Are the schools similar to uk or completely different? When do they break up for their summer hols? Can anyone reccommend some schools? We haven't decided where exactly to settle, depends on work for hubby(plumbing) & where's right for the kids. Any info would be greatly appreciated....so much to find out....so many decisions :confused: please help!! Thanks, Sarah
  5. PityTheFool

    Brisbane Climate

    Hi all, Could someone please explain to me the climate in Brisbane / Sunshine Coast? Often hear about the humidity, the huge hail stones and obviously the heat, I know it's a sub-tropical climate but I don't really know what this means on a day to day basis. Is it hot in summer with torrential rain for 30 mins and then dry within the hour? Is the winter better than the summer? Are there only two seasons? What are typical temperatures? Questions, questions, questions... I've seen all the weather data on various websites but I don't think that paints a true picture, would love to hear from people that actually live, or have lived there.
  6. Im moving to Queensland March next year, but I am rearly confused as to which is the best place for work as a Wall and Floor tiler please can anyone tell me the best one to head for Thanks Very Much Chris
  7. Please can anybody recommend a chiropractor on the Sunshine Coast, preferably in the Maroochydore/Mooloolaba area (although we're willing to travel for the right person). We're looking for an experienced, qualified chiropractor to continue treating a compressed disc. Thanks very much.
  8. Guest

    Private Schools Sunshine Coast

    Allo All , just wondering if anyone has their children in private schools on the Sunshine Coast ? We are looking to enroll 2 boys 9&6 into a school in the Buderim area around May/June and was wondering if anyone could recommend a school and why. If anyone has a preference for a particular school over another , the info would be greatly appreciated. There seems to be a really good choice of quality schooling , however we are not biased about public education either , just prefer to know what schools not to go to .if anyone has had any experience good or otherwise it would be terrific to know , as this is a very important decision for us . Great forum this , best to all JohnyE:cool:
  9. hi i am looking to migrate to oz asap - my wifes sister lives on the sunshine coast so she does not want to live too far away from her, but i need to know where the work is and is it in commuting distance? please help?:chatterbox: i am a fibrous plasterer / suspended ceilings by the way!
  10. Hi we are in Oz in August on a recciein August and are looking to how we will get around- car hire is very expensive, so we are looking at train travel. Our biggest journey we need to do is from Caloundra to Surfers Paradise- how easy and costly will that be with 2 young children, and all our bags ? any website addresses we can look at for train times etc Thanks
  11. Hello everyone For those of you that haven't bumped into Koala Konnection yet let me tell you that Gill and I run this web site dedicated to "Poms" and other migrants coming to live on the Sunshine Coast. Since Tim's been on our forum telling everyone about his excellent forums, I thought I'd do the same. You have excellent forums Tim! :biglaugh: Koala Konnection is a full blown web site plus a forum. As a result we have photographed and offer information on different parts of the Sunshine Coast - from Caloundra to Noosa, Nambour to Maleny, and there's plenty of documented material to digest - from healthcare, a property build diary, actual property and businesses for sale on the coast through to motoring issues and a very important schools league table, to name just a few. Now the schooling information will be of utmost importance to those of you looking to have your children settle down in the right place and that's why we've compiled it into a sensible form and added it to our site. It's often asked where the best schools on the Sunshine Coast; here's your answer. You can visit our site at http://www.koalakonnection.com.au We have lived on the Sunshine Coast for just over two years now, emigrating from the UK, and have met plenty of UK migrants living in the area. It really is a special place to live. Cheers. Paul & Gill.
  12. We are thinking of send our 2 children 7 & 11 to Currimundi State School. We went to see it on our reccie last year and it seems really nice. Does anyone have children at this school or know what it is like. Also does anyone know of any other good schools in that sort of area. Any help would be appreciated as getting the school right is the one thing i am worring about the most. x
  13. hi everyone, as a way of "giving back" to this forum and to the wonderful people who helped us so much when we were planning our move over from London, I thought I'd outline our experience and observations thus far. If anyone has any particular questions, I am more than happy to help. We did the "sell the house, ship our stuff and send the pets" thing. House: in London, took 4 months from the date when offer was accepted to the date we finally moved out. The house sale was probably the most stressful part of the whole "leaving" London part of the journey. Stuff: we shipped a 20 foot container on 15th June, and our local shippers advised us earlier this week that it is due to arrive in Brisbane on / around 22nd July. We used PSS and they were absolutely brilliant (though we are yet to see whether everything makes it over ok!) We have also shipped our two vespa scooters in the same container. Cats: We flew our two cats over - they were collected on 10th June, arrived in Sydney 15th June and were flown up to us on 15th July. Both are absolutely fine for the experience, they were back to normal in hours of being with us. We used Golden Arrow in UK and Dogtainers in Oz (to fly them from Sydney to Sunshine Coast) and highly recommend them both. Observations on arriving in Oz and trying to get organised: I suggest that after you sort out somewhere to stay for the first few days, the next thing to do is get a mobile phone. A couple of tips: 1 - be aware that to get a prepaid SIM card, you still need to show photo ID and give an Australian address (you just need to give it, not show proof of it). If you don't have an oz address when you get here, see if you can give a friend's. Its only for a prepaid card. 2 - bring an unlocked mobile phone with you. Even an old one will do - this will save you loads of money. And its way easier to unlock phones in the UK than in Oz, from what I have gathered. Another suggestion: internet access. I suggest if you can, you bring a laptop over with you. When you get here, you can buy a USB stick / dongle like they sell in the UK, from say Telstra. Again, you need ID and address (but not proof of address). This will work out to be cheaper in the long run than using internet cafes (if you can find one), and is probably way more convenient. if I think of more observations that might be of help to people, I'll add them. Any questions, fire away, regards sg
  14. Mummy Mann

    Gold coast or Sunshine coast???

    Hi I am a 30 yr old nurse married with a little boy (4 yrs old) I have just applied for a 175 PR visa and I am after some info on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast including job prospects for a nurse, lifestyle, suburbs and schooling for a young family in these two areas of Qld. We visited the Gold Coast last year and fell in love with the place but since coming back to the uk I have heard that the sunshine coast is a great place to live too. If anyone has any info or experience it would be great to hear
  15. Guest

    Sippy Downs / Sunshine Coast

    Hi All, Living in Sippy Downs with partner and little one (18 months old). I am originally from Middlesbrough and Donna is originally from Peterborough. We have been living in Sippy Downs for nearly 3 years now after spending over 2 years in Sydney. We would love to catch up with some other POM locals for a barbi, drinks, coffee etc and get to know a few more friends in the local area. Feel free to drop me a message or e-mail. :smile:
  16. 163ALLOUT

    3 weeks on the Sunshine coast

    This could be a long one, I am known for waffling. if you’re interested, sit back, get a coffee and a few extra ciggies, if you smoke that is, this may take a while. We arrived on the Sunshine Coast on the 29th June to be greeted with the coldest weather they have had here for a long time and plenty of rain!!! Thankfully didn’t last too long and after a couple of days the sun came out and we have had warm (22/23c) days with blue sky in abundance, it’s still mid-winter!!. We spent 4 nights prior to arriving in Singapore to recuperate from the stresses of leaving the UK, It was wonderful to relax for a few days and take stock of where we were at before embarking on the next whirlwind of setting up a new life. Having arrived at our holiday let we soon realised we had made a mistake in the location, the house wasn’t the best either so we prioritised a more permanent let and spent the first week touring round until we found the right place. We found the house we have now lived in for a week (Pelican Waters) by driving round and around areas, we spotted a for rent sign in the garden would you believe, like most people we spent hours and hours searching realestate.com.au from the UK which in hindsight was a waste of bloody time as the house wasn’t even on the internet. You need to be here to judge the places properly, I’d disagree that the camera never lies when you see some of the places that look great in picture but aren’t in reality. We also made a mistake by securing our holiday let for 4 weeks and paying for it up front, a bit of wasted money there too. We chose to take it on the chin and move on with no regrets. Should have booked a week and then took it from there but hey, hindsight’s a wonderful thing and I’m sure we’ll make more mistakes along the way. As they say you live and learn!! Lifestyle Best way to sum it up was when I went into LJ Hookers and got talking to an original 60’s £10 pom. After asking me how long we’d been here he said “ welcome to paradise”. So far I’d agree with him. I have to keep pinching myself that we actually live here. It really is a lovely place to live. Cost of living A real mix bag is probably the short answer. Petrol is $1.35 (90p)a litre is a lot cheaper. I would say rentals are on a par with the UK, there are cheap places and expensive places, it all depends on your budget and what you can afford and want, we wanted a wow factor when we arrived so we’ve gone and rented a waterfront home, just need to sell a kidney to stay here longer than 6 months! Food is more expensive, you can shop around and get better value for money than the Coles/Woolworths of this world, it’s just takes time to find the places. They are out there though. Cars, bloody expensive! Second hand cars cost an arm and a leg compared to the UK. Tip of the day. If you can invest and buy a luxury European car like a Porshe, Bmw etc back in the UK 12 months before you leave then bring it with you. You can sell it here for double what you’d have paid for it in Blighty. I know not everybody can but if you have some cash then you’ll not regret it. You need to read up on the removal and tax costs but it’s well worth it. Check out the Red book in Australia which is the equivilant of our classes guide book. Furniture and household goods aren’t that bad, it depends where you shop. Like the UK you can buy a sofa for $800 or $8,000. It’s down to choice and quality. We've bought some basic stuff at A-Mart while waiting for our container and they were no dearer than the UK. We also found a second hand washing machine for a 100 bucks!! Bargains around if you look and ask!!! House prices are falling, lots for sale and no buyers, another 12 months before I’d even consider buying anything. It is cheaper to rent believe it or not, they have negative gearing which allows landlords to offset rental losses against their tax, bizzare but true. Overall I’d say it’s certainly not cheaper here than the UK but you can find bargains if you look. Economy Not been here long enough to get a full picture, first impressions talking to locals is that there is definitely a two speed economy here. Mining sectors booming everything else struggling a bit. There’s a lot of conjecture regarding interest rates, some of the banks are now saying that rates will have to come down to stimulate the economy, that in turn would greatly help the exchange rate if you have £’s. There are one or two who reckon rates will still go up, that will have a devastating effect if they do, a bit of a knife’s edge scenario at present. There’s some big infrastructure projects in the pipeline though that will give the construction industry here a much needed boost. It just seems the Pollies (Politicians) are on another planet and way out of step with ordinary folk. Mind you could say that about the Uk’s as well. I’m over here on a 163 business visa so I will bide my time for a short while and see how things pan out before jumping in The Locals Have to say the Aussies we have met are the most helpful and nicest bunch of people you could wish to meet in our experience. As long as you put yourself out there and communicate with people they are great, when we went to the bank to sort out our account they couldn’t have been more helpful. The lady dealing with our account even took us around the shopping plaza showing us where certain shops were. Can’t see someone from Barclays Bank doing that! We have also met up with an English family who have been here 3 years. Met them on this forum and they have been great, been out a couple of times with them which we have really enjoyed, they’ve even lent us a telly until ours arrive from the UK. Their eldest son is a similar age to mine and we’ve just had our first sleepover guest. If the kids are happy and settled it makes a big difference. Kids have now done there first week at school. Too early to tell on the quality of education but first impressions are that they are a little bit behind the UK. Time will tell though. The Teachers have been most welcoming though and first reports on class mates has been V good. My eldest has hooked up with a few new mates on facebook already so good signs. My eldest in an English lesson had to take turns in reading aloud for the class, when it was his turn the teacher kept him reading for ages compared to his other class mates. The Teacher apologised after and said she just loved hearing his accent! Lol. Summary Very positive start for us, lots still to do and very early days for us. I just think that if you’re going to be skint you might as well be here with no money than in the UK!! It’s bloody warmer for a start off. If you stuck with the thread then thanks for reading, if you haven’t then sod you (you won’t be reading this bit anyway) Lol. Best regards from The Sunshinecoast Jon
  17. SunshineJo

    Moving to Sunshine Coast Jan 2012

    Hi everyone We are a family of 4 (44, 42, 12 & 11)moving to the Sunshine Coast In January. We looking at moving to Little Mountain or Mountain Creek areas. Would love to know more about the schools in that area, if anyone can help. Anybody with kids who go to Meridan State College or Mountain Creek State High school? Booked shippers today and now it feels very, very real. We are excited but very nervous at the same time and feeling like our brains will explode!!. :arghh: We have rellies in Currimundi to stay with the first week or so before we find a short term rental. We do not have jobs at the moment but hopefully that will change after a few weeks/months of being over there. Would love to meet up with others in the area. Cheers Jo
  18. Hi all our first post! We are hoping to move out to the sunshine coast, has anyone got a view on what the state schools are like, is it worth paying for private. Bearing in mind we will have to pay for state schools as we are goig on a 457 Visa. If anyone has any suggestions on good schools or where we can compare school performances, that would be great. We have been attracted to Buderim and Peregian Springs area. Thanks Daz
  19. Hello nataliepowell and myself have been organising a meet up for anyone who are also arriving around this time or, who are already there in the Buderim, Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and any other surrounding areas. We will be at the Buderim Tavern from 1pm on Saturday June 25th. Should this date not be suitable for the majority who wish to attend, please let me know, we could aim for Saturday 2nd July. Anyone welcome including children. Check out Home - Buderim Tavern, Buderim, QLD, 4556 (very child friendly) Buderim Tavern 81 Burnett St Buderim, Queensland, 4556 Please reply if this sounds of interest! Will be great to meet you :wink: I am Heidi, married to Jonathan with a four year old daughter called Poppy.
  20. HI everyone, just looking for some well timed PIO advice. We have been in Oz for 8 years now, but are finally heading to the sunny coast in Dec this year. We have often toyed with the idea of going home but have decided that before any major decisions are made we have to have the life we wanted when we first arrived and has needless to say eluded us so far. Also hoping to finally be part of an expat community with like minded people and this site has definitely got that, as I have been stalking the socialising threads for a while now, dreaming we could take part. Anway I digress, after reading a lot of posts on here it seems Buderim has something we have obviously missed. We have always visited the beachside suburbs and Noosa, Coolum, Mooloolaba and Tewantin were originally high on our list. But looking at it logically, further back areas like Mountain Creek or the Seaside area at Mount Coolum seem to be a better option. So I am just looking for advice really on the positives and negatives from people who live there.:goofy: We have 2 girls 3 and 1, so need parks and activites to do. Bike riding, Dog walking etc Can anyone recommend any Daycare's in the area? I am a teacher but have heard work is mega tough to find? Are there any teachers out there? I am doing my Cv up now to start the job hunting process. Hubby has resigned to commute to the mines until he can get work maybe in the city..he is an electrician. Any of them on the sunny coast??? We are coming down for a reckie at the end of Sept, but would love to get some areas on our map to check out. Sorry its a bit long:chatterbox: Thanks Lis
  21. Hi, My family and I are looking to move to the Sunshine Coast after living in Auckland for over 8 years. I have 3 teenagers and am looking for a good High school for my 2 boys (ages 14 & 15). I like the look of Mountain Creek State High from there website but would appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thanks Emma.
  22. Linda Irvine

    Sunshine Coast

    We are currently living in regional Queensland as my oh is being sponsored here for 2 years, but want to move nearer to Brisbane to be near family, (son, wife and grandson). After Feb when sponsorship is finished, we can move where we like and are considering Caloundra, Maroochydore and Redcliffe as we would love to live near the coast and like these areas. Just wondering if anyone could help with info on the job situation, husband is currently a plumber/gas fitter but being 56 would like something less physical (being on roofs isn't ideal now!). We can't afford to retire just yet, and he would be happy with an easy job just to tick over until retirement. Will this be difficult to find considering his age? (He is physically fit). Any info would be appreciated.
  23. I'm looking for a qualified landscaper with experience in hard and soft landscaping. Initially part time, leading to full time. Drop me a line if you're on the Sunshine Coast and you're interested.
  24. Hi Guys, just arrived on the Sunshine Coast and need a cheap car until the one we are shipping over from UK arrives (and maybe as a second car after that) so just wondered whether any of you out there know of anything reliable that we are not going to have to sell one of the children t obe able to afford it! :arghh:
  25. Hi Does anyone knows of any Carpentry jobs located on the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane for my husband? He has been a carpenter for 20 years (in the UK) and has been working in Australia for the last 4 years, framing. He does mainly framing, fix outs but all aspects of Carpentry and would even like to get into Commercial side too. Please PM if you know of anything.... Thanks