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Found 144 results

  1. Hi All I am 36 and my husband is 39. I am a qualified social worker with almost 10 years experience and my husband is a teacher and head of a successful business studies department. We are at the very early stages of exploring a move to Oz and have thousands of questions but obviously life is difficult anywhere without a job, can anyone offer tips as to the easiest ways to find out what jobs are available etc and any tips for applying.....and any other useful info that people want to share with us will be gratefully received (we also have two young children ages 3 months and the eldest is three years so obviously once we have sorted jobs we wil then get into the difficult arena of schools). The areas we are intersted in moving to are South Australia (Adelaide), Melbourne or Brisbane. Look forward to replies! Lesley and Paul
  2. Hi, Iv only just joined this forum so please bare with my little post. Il just explain to you my little dilemma. Im 21 and have been living on the Gold Coast for a little while now. I moved over here to be with my boyfriend, who emigrated with his parents. I was dead excited about making the big move to the "land of opportunity". However...I have found it increasingly difficult to find any decent, stable job. And I am also finding it difficult to communicate with Aussies. Dont know whether its just me but does anyone else find them hard work? They seem pretty tame. Im the first one to hold my hands up and say my sense of humour is a bit off the wall, but that usually means making friends comes pretty naturally to me. Im wondering whether this was the right move. Im missing beautiful England, and its oh so crude, wonderful sense of humoured people Just posting to see whether anyone can give me any survival tips, or just generally tell me to shut up and get on with it?! Becki x
  3. Hello, Its just a hypothetical question but its nice to know all of the options... Obviously I have to have the required funds for SA on a 176 visa before I land but what if I was offered employment in Adelaide and had to go earlier? Would this make my visa void as you have to report to SA immigration within a couple of weeks of landing. I was going to wait to apply for jobs once I got there but the urge to go earlier eats away at you. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone Just registered and i need help finding a job in perth. i'm a qualified aircraft electrician, tester and maintenance engineer. but also a warranty and commissioning engineer on the rail networks. If anyone knows of any work regarding electrical testing on trains or commissioning and warranty please let me know. cheers guys
  5. Hi all, Currently living in Perth with my girlfriend both from South England (Salisbury and Dorset). Been here since April this year and we need to get our 3momths harvest work sorted. We have a lease on a villa but does not end till January 2012 so we want work in the swan valley area 6041-6044. I work as a HR driver and my girlfriend currently works in a cafe in the city. We wish to stay here in Perth for another year possibly longer if I finally find sponsorship. If any one has any info that may help us find work it would be greatley appreciated. Let me know what you think. Cheers Graham, Leah
  6. Hi, We are hopefully moving interstate from the Central Coast to Melbourne looking at the East and Bayside areas. I have already emailed a whole heap of private schools and so far two have got back to me saying there are no places for my 4.5 year old and no chance of getting my 3 year old into ELC next year. Does anyone have any tips or experienced this and what did you do? Cheers CC
  7. Hi guys, I'm heading over to Sydney in a few weeks (first week of December) on a working holida visa. I was just wondering how easy/hard it would be to find work this time of the year? Some of my friends, who are out there have told me to sign up to Hayes and RSP recruitment agency before I arrive? Can anyone suggest any other good recruitment agencies? Is going through agencies the correct approach with this, or should I be taking my cv to potential employers directly? Thanks ps - I'm happy to and would consider working in any sector in all honesty.
  8. Hi All , Looking for some advice re looking for work in the Banking and finance area specifically in Melbourne. Currently UK based but planning on emigrating at some point next year. Have 25 years London City experience in mainly Operations (you may call it settlements over there) and more recently in a general compliance/KYC & AML role at a boutique asset managers, dealing with HNWI's & professional clients. I am looking to ascertain if such roles or are easy/difficult to come by? especially as at the time of emigrating I will not be affiliated to any current global organisation! .i.e I'm on my own competing in the jobs marketplace! I have heard that 'Melbourne experience' is invaluable but was hoping this would not deter any potential employers? A big step but due to family reasons I feel my future is destined to be in Oz. Any suggestions , ideas , help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Mark.
  9. Guest

    Finding schools and a new home

    Help, my head is spinning LOL. :wacko: Those of you that have moved school age kids what order did you go about finding a school and a new home when you arrived? My kids are about to turn 9, 7 and 5. I really want to avoid having to move school more than once. This is the one bit of the move that really freaks me out! My youngest is about to go in to year 1 here and her birthday is jan 7. We've been led to believe we may be able to put her up a year rather than repeat the first year of school, it this likely?
  10. Hoarenet

    Finding an old colleague

    Hello Everyone I am not sure where to post this but I am looking for an old colleague who I knew many years ago in Perth. His name was Malcolm White. He was originally from Southampton, UK and his parents, in Perth, originally lived in Leederville, Perth. Last time I saw him was when my wife and I went to his wedding at Southampton, UK I am not sure if he returned to Australia.
  11. Does anyone know of any companies that you can contact to help you find work BEFORE you leave the UK? We used a company in Canada that did this for you, and they charged the company, not you, for the service. They basically found a company that were hiring, set up a video conference and interview, checked all OH's documents and certificates and got him a a job to start a week after he landed. If we could do this before we went it would take so much stress off him as he is terrified of going all the way to Oz and not finding suitable employment. He is a Plumber so you would think it would be easy :no: I apply to 10-20 companies a day and they all say no thank you, but please contact us upon your arrival :goofy: So if anyone has any contacts id be very grateful :yes::confused: Thanks Mandi xx
  12. Hi guys I am going slowly insane with my VETASSESS skills assessment. I've got everything ready - every single document I need, all copied and ready. But can I b**gers like find anyone to certify it! I've got to choose from the following: a justice of the peace or bail justice an Australian lawyer a member of the police force the sheriff a councillor of a municipality a senior officer of a council a medical practitioner a dentist a veterinary practitioner a pharmacist a principal of the teaching service the manager of a deposit taking authorisation a member of the institute of chartered accountants in Australia the secretary of a building society a minister of religion authorised to celebrate marriages a public notary The rest are all ~Australia based. I've asked my doctors, the police, and a vet so far and they all say the same thing, no, we don't do that, because you could have faked the original. But that's not the point is it, they just have to certify that it's a true copy, and that I look like my photo. How is this so difficult to find?:arghh: Can anyone help? Who did you use?
  13. Hi all me (30), my wife (30) and kids (7, 6 and 2) have recently moved from the UK (Hull - Yorkshire) and we are wondering how you actually start to build a friend network. Back home we have left some great friends behind but did expect to meet people here. The kids go to Coombabah school but the parents don't hang around the playground like back home so bonds are hard to build. We have had quick chats in supermarkets but that was when were at a friends in Robina. Any advise or even people who feel like they are in a similar boat could get in touch. PS - I feel like a total tw@t for having to do this haha Ginger......or just call me Rob
  14. Guest

    Mackay finding a job

    Hi can anyone tell me who lives in Mackay, what type of jobs are available. Is there a shortage of employees in a certain sector. I am a trained beauty and massage therapist. But i would like to develop a career doing something different maybe recruitment, real estate, social care. I would grately appreciate any help, as if i can get an idea of what type of employees are in demand i could maybe get some experience or take some training in the UK in that sector before i relocate.
  15. hi all im hoping a few of you can offer some advice on the better locations to live in sydney. i have a good offer on the table for a job based in rosehill/parammatta. i have a beautiful wife and two young girls (both under 3) and would want to live within 30 mins of the office by car (so for the first time in my career i can enjoy breakfast and bedtime with the family in the same day!!) which puts living near the coast out of reach. could anyone advise the better places to live. schooling will soon become very important, as does a sense of community, amenities such as parks, shops and restraunts within walking distance and a great gym with chid care would be great. we have up $800-$1000 a week available for rent. we have researched around the west pennant hills, ryde areas, are we on the right lines or is better available? any help you can give will be gladly recieved regaards and thanks Geordie
  16. Hi all, We moved from the UK last Monday and are currently in temp accom provided by my husbands company. We are looking at Berwick as it is close to my OH work in Hallam. Struggling to find a) the properties to be available and b) the open inspection times often clash and then you miss out! Went to view 2 yesterday and another 10 people turned up... So worried we wont find anywhere by 3rd Oct :unsure: I guess I am finding it a struggle as I have 2 little ones to drag around each house with me.... Anyone got any advice or tips? Time is not on our side!!! :wubclub:
  17. Hi, I'm thinking about heading over to Sydney for a few months on a working holiday visa. My Girlfriend has been over there for the past 3 weeks and has had no issues finding temp work, even though she does'nt have many qualifications. Various people who Ive spoken to say that I should have no issues finding work over there with my qualifications, but I still have my doubts. I have: an NCON in Peer Mentoring. BA (Hons) in TV and Radio. Btec ND in Music Technology Although I graduated in media, I have spent the past few years working as a Youth Mentor/Support worker, and kept media production as a hobbie. I'm not too fussed what work I do out in oz, as I only plan on staying for a few months. Having said that, it would be good to find something in the media or youth/mentoring field. So I'm unsure as to whether I should apply for a job before I get over there, (From what I can gather, some companies sort out your visa when you do this?), or just apply for the WHV, and look for work when I arrive? Thanks for any info on this C
  18. Guest

    Help finding sponsorship

    Hi there, We have been in Perth now for 4 weeks on our PR visa and loving it! My sister and brother in law would love to come too but do not have the formal qualifications to come over on PR. Does anyone know where to start in trying to get them here on a work sponsorship? He has experience as a sales rep and is currently the owner of a tile shop. Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. Sorry if this question has been addressed... I searched the forum as best I could and couldn't really find anything. My question is regarding looking for a job during the early/mid southern summer (Nov-Jan). My visa application is currently being assessed, and if everything goes well/quickly, I could conceivably have a grant in late Sept/early Oct. If I decide to make the move in mid-November, is this advisable for finding work? Here at home it's tough finding work in Nov/Dec because of holidays etc. and I wonder if Christmastime PLUS summertime/school holidays PLUS Australia Day in Jan make it a fool's errand to try during Nov-Jan. Should I go for it if I can make it by November or wait until Feb (or later)? I am keen to migrate (if I'm granted the visa) and trying to figure out a timeline for migrating if I get it. Thanks in advance!
  20. Guest

    Finding a Sponsor

    Hi, my name is Chris, i currently work at a shop fitters called Axiom Displays in the UK i have worked there for 6 years i am NVQ level 2 and 3 qualified i have lots of experience using solid 2pac paints aswell as 2pac lacquers i am also the supervisor in the spray shop i am currently trying to find a company to sponsor me so that i can apply for a sponsored skilled migrant visa i was hoping for someone to tell me if there was much chanch of me finding a sponsor or if anyone knows of any good job sites to check, any help would be great, many thanks. Chris
  21. Hi In experience of all nurses out there..is there more success finding work when joining agency or have people been able to secure work through contacting Individual state health authority?
  22. Guest

    finding a job in oz

    hi i am currently in the process of hopefully moving to Oz to be close to my only remaining family. finding it all a minefield as i am a qualified chef of 40 years old and it seems particalarly hard to get a visa as now my profession is of the SOL list,and employer sponsorship seems the only way. trouble is this seems to be difficult to get when you are 12,000 miles away. i have no dependants to take with me just going out on my own. anyone have a heads up of what i can do to increase chances or stand a chance of getting the right visa to work. looking at job sites it seems that there are plenty of catering jobs in the counrty and between myself and my family over there we have written to some companys enquiring about sponsorship but with little reply. any help would be appreciated. thanks andy
  23. Hi, Well this forum business is new to me so bear with me!! We've been in Sydney for a year and I'm finding it difficult to meet people with similar aged children. I have a 6 year old daughter who is in school so has plenty of friends but my son (who is 3.5) has just reached the age where I think that he would really benefit from having other kids his own age around him but i'm struggling to find some for him!!. We live in Manly and would really appreciate any advise on where to go to meet other mums with similar age kids? I work 2 days a week so I manage to have conversations with other adults (other than my husband) but could probably do with more!! We are originally from Wales however lived in Brighton for a decade (which I miss A LOT). It would be great to chat to anyone who has had a similar experience to us....
  24. Hi there...I have a son who is going out to Australia on a WHV...he wants to work in the building trade...either painting or carpentry in the hope that he will be sponsored on a more permanent visa...the conditions of a working holiday visa state that you can only work for an employer for a period of 6 months...however you can work as an apprentice or just in general in one of these types of jobs do long as you move from one company to another after 6 months...how easy is is to get this type of work without any experience and is it possible to be sponsored to stay longer on maybe a 457 or permanent visa...any help appreciated
  25. Hi to all that reads this. We would really like some help with finding a good school for our 11yr old daughter. We have tried to research this but keep going round in circles. Looking in the Coogee / Randwick and surrounding areas. Also any other information about the above areas would be appreciated i.e cost of living, best area to rent etc etc etc. Many Thanks AdamnLyn.