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sending a box 12 kg from uk to oz

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Does anyone have experience with landmark global world economy or dpd air classic?


im looking to have a 12kg box sent from uk to Perth Australia and a site I have used many times over both in uk and Australia have come up with the two above a bit cheaper than your fed ex or ups etc.


Cheap is not always the best but would be interested to know if anyone have used them and there experience.


Im hearing landmark may use ups or big names but maybe not, dpd I can't remember much about them from uk.

i have other options of parcelforce,FedEx,ups etc but trying to lower the price if I can but yet still get good service.

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Hubby uses parcel monkey and they have always been good.

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what type of thing is it your sending over as sometimes their are other courier options but you maybe restricted on what the item is etc.

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