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A&E Nurse from North East (UK) just wanting to say "Hiya" 😝


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Well here goes...... First time on this & I thought why not!!!

Just thought I'd say a Big Hello as I'm laid here in my pjs preparing for a Friday night shift ?


im one of you lot hoping to escape the UK for warmer climates, beaches, nightlife & to make new friends.

ill be totally honest I don't have a clue which visa to apply for & my head is battered with all the info out there. I've reached the big 31 now so I'm classed as "too old" for a WHV ? Gutted!!!

In a nutshell I am a Qualified Nurse with 2 years Accident & Emergency Experience, I'm 31 & wanting more in my life rather than doing a 12hr shift and my days consisting of going no where because the weather is horrendous & the only time I get to see my mates is at a playgroup as they now all have kids (I don't/can't & also they are married/settling down/having children)

I have never been to Oz so Im looking for places that would suit me to the ground..... I have an outgoing and friendly personality but I'm also into music (festivals/DJs ???) so iM wanting the work/nightlife balance. I go to Ibiza twice a year so socialising/clubbing is what I enjoy in my spare time but In my head im 21 but my body tells me differently somedays lol.

Can anybody recommend areas like this but also with a good teaching hospital so I can broaden my skills & experience?

I wouldn't mind house/flat sharing either so is that easy to find too? If so where do you look?

How is easy is it to get out there and socialise? I just wouldn't like to come over and then my days off be stuck indoors...I wanna get out & enjoy life with people who have the same interests.


Anyways I gotta go and get a few hours kip before shift..... Would love to hear from you girls & guys that have made the plunge or are even thinking about it. Hope to hear soon ❤️ xXx

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I'm a newly qualified A&E nurse, hopefully making the move by the end of the year.


Melbourne sounds like it would tick all your boxes - good range of nightlife, big teaching hospitals, near everything! I reckon if you aren't scared to go out and meet people, then you'll be fine - I'll be going over on my own and will probably house share until I know/like a permanent job. Gumtree is used lots in Aus for this purpose. As for meeting people, then going out with work people, meeting people for a coffee-drink from sites like this, going to fitness classes/gym, etc...just take everyone up on their offers haha!


As for your options for visas - you could look at the sponsored route, temporary or permanent - i think most states ask for 3 years experience before they will sponsor you though. Otherwise the 189 independent permanent visa. Have a look on the Immigration website, loads of info.


There are also a few good nurses threads on this site to have a read through :)

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H and welcome to the forum from a fellow smoggy!


If you want to go down the permanent route, it is a long process and not cheap. The starting point is border.gov.au and lots of reading.


A couple pled of things though you need to be aware of. First, you will still work long hours. Australians work the longest hours in the developed world. We don't just sit at the beach all day.


Weather is very subjective, but when it is 40 in the shade, it is just as oppressive as when it is rainy and cold. Then, in winter, it is raining and cold.

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Guest Priscilla101

Hey Hun. You want to go? DO IT.


Apply to AHPRA (Oz equilivant of nmc) but it's a pain so start gathering your info.

Apply for skill select through immi website. You need both but they no longer talk to each other. Once you have the skills select passed your invitation shouldn't take that long (few weeks if you can get 65points) then a month or two for the visa to process.


Melbourne is fun. Sydney has good nightlife/social scene. You'll get a load of experience in the west but it's rural so your a&e background will serve you well

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I'm a staff nurse originally from Hull ,but been in oz awhile now

A lot of overseas nurses are struggling to get work here as many new grads not finding jobs

Maybe talk to agencies and check out their vacancies Had friends arrive in WA and in Victoria and not find work

I've always traveled solo and getting to know new people rarely a problem

I'm currently working in dialysis in Darwin and earning more than double what i got at home and i only work 4 days a week :)

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