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Burnt bridges?

Guest Rbecca

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Well I gave in my notice at school and I booked my flights. I go on Feb 12th with Emirates (partly business class with great price from Trailfinders) stopping for 4 days in Dubai and 4 days in Singapore. Thats only three months and 1 week away and I haven't sold the house or even had any offers.

I think I may have had some sort of breakdown. I wouldn't buy a warm coat at the weekend even though it was on sale because I decided I wouldn't get the wear out of it.

What on earth am I going to do if the house doesn't sell? I need the money to live and buy in Oz and I'm not keen on renting because the house and money are tied up, but on the other hand I can't afford the mortgage here and rent there. Good God I've become a rambling wreck! HELP!!


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you are a very brave lady, we also have our visa but havn't sold the house, i couldn't do what youv'e done, but GOOD LUCK and have several glasses of wine your going to need it.


Karen and Nigel

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Hi Rebecca,


I'll keep everything crossed for you that you sell your house soon. You're far braver than us as we had no intention of booking flights before selling the house :)


We sold our house last week and in total it was on the market for 11 weeks. We're looking to leave end of Jan & will probably book flights next week once we're sure everything's going ok with the house.


Good luck....keep busy!


Anita x

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