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Help Criminal Records

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Hii :D


I have been reading about peoples problems on this site, and felt lucky not to have some of the same problems.

But I have just recieved my police check back and could not believe I have a conviction on record for a fire arms offence when I was only 14yrs old (pellet gun) on private land back in 1983, where I was fined £10 :!:

The details look bad as it comes under shotgun and fire arms offences and would never be spent.

Would this go against me, do any one have any advice.


Please help any advice appreciated.


Many thanks G+Z :D:D

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When we initally applied the main thing that I was worried about was my partners police convictions, 2 drink driving, I know what a fool!!! :? :? but it was quite a while ago and all we had to get were quite a few charactor references. I had so many sleeples nights thinking "god if we don't get it (as it was on my partner skills) he will be so gutted and angry at himself as it effectively will be his fault we have failed. But hey and behold we had the call we are all waiting for on the 17 May 2005, and we are going to go and live our dream on 19 Feb 2006 in Melbouren ( with a month in Thailand on route for good behavious)


. If you are doing the app on you own use a Statement of Declaration which has to be written and and and then signed in the presence of a solicitor, if you need one I have one on file I can send you. Personally if this is all you are worrying about you should have no probs, he had a defacto partner to tag along as well (lucky sod in my eyes, and I am Irish)!!! :P:P:P


Good luck, don't think you have fallen at the first hurdle.



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Hiii Bet :D

Thanks for encouraging words. I had my first sleepless night last night feeling guilty that it would be my fault. I know how your partner must have felt. :oops: .

Anyway chin up I may have some luck of the Irish left in me yet.

I can totally understand thier way of thinking, shame they dont take that stance here, but it seems so long ago I feel it should be spent.


Wish you all the best with your experiance G+Z :D:D:D

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