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Found 55 results

  1. Hi all The removal people turn up soon. Exciting! We're moving from the UK to Sydney. I have a question for anyone out there that has sent their vinyl records in a shipping container. Do you have any tips or advice? Anything you're glad you did or would change if you had to do it again? Anything learnt about insurance (I haven't finalised that yet)? At the moment I've got all the records (several thousand of them, valued at around £50K) in plastic boxes and am planning on putting some desiccant pouches in each box. Any advice or lessons learnt would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jez
  2. Guest

    Worse records, artists

    Well we have a thread on music legends, what about bands, solo artists, songs that you love to hate. I have loads but one that really sticks out is a cover of Tears for Fears classic, mad world cant remember who covered it but i beleive it got to number one a few years ago, it was one of those records that when it came on it made me want to smash the radio up:arghh::laugh:
  3. WE need rain, when did you think we would be saying that in the UK :wideeyed: It has been the driest years since records began. It has been so mild that they are saying the birds are starting to nest again :eek: is this global warming I ask. Thursday, 17 November 2011 Exceptionally dry weather could lead to drought in 2012, say water companies Concerns over depleting groundwater levels and shortage of supply as forecasters expect a second mild winter in a row Half of all UK households face the threat of drought restrictions in the new year if rainfall does not return to normal this winter. Following some of the driest weather on record over the last year, water suppliers urged customers to start making savings to help cope with low levels in reservoirs, rivers and underground aquifers. The latest appeals by Thames Water and South East Water follow the announcement by Anglian Water this week that it has applied for a drought permit to take emergency supplies out of rivers. With temperatures in parts of England still exceptionally mild, there is now growing concern about what will happen if – as some forecasters expect – there is a second dry winter in a row. http://www.u.tv/News/Exceptionally-dry-weather-could-lead-to-drought-in-2012-say-water-companies/d1018969-f85f-4aaf-ad81-ca65c116ec92
  4. According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia's trade surplus surged in August as exports of coal and other minerals increased despite concerns of a global slowdown. Shipments from Australia grew 8% from the previous month, while imports rose 3%, the ABS said. That resulted in a trade surplus of 3.1bn Australian dollars ($2.9bn; £1.9bn), the second-largest on record. The data comes amid concerns that fears of a slowdown may hurt demand for Australia's mineral exports. "Export volumes are really kicking along and that will be a big fillip for the economy in the quarter," said Brian Redican of Macquarie. Analysts said the fact that a huge amount of Australia's mineral shipments head to Asian economies has been a big factor in ensuring that its export sector sustains its momentum, despite global slowdown concerns. They said that as economies like India and China see more people move from rural to urban centres, the demand for minerals will continue to rise. "Both these countries have more than 1 billion people, and that is a big factor", said David Lennox of Fat Prophets As these countries undergo rapid urbanisation, they will also need to boost their power generation capacity in order to meet the increased demand for electricity. "That process is not dependent on what happens in the US or European economies," Mr Lennox said. He added that given these factors, exports of Australian minerals to the region will continue to grow.
  5. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this. Quote from the website: FREE ACCESS Immigration records - 29th August - 5th September We’re giving you a ticket to follow your travelling ancestors all over the world, absolutely FREE! From 29th August to 5th September, you can search and view all our immigration records – without paying a penny! http://www.ancestry.co.uk/
  6. Sherbetdip23

    Medical Records

    Hi Do you have to bring your UK medical records over to Oz with you? Do Doctors just hand these over. Or perhaps you don't need to take them with you? Please advise :biggrin:
  7. How do, I have been with my Aussie fella now for 18 months and have lived with him for all this time. We are returning to the Uk in Dec 2011 to get married with a view to then returning to Oz, me on a Superyacht crew visa, and then applying for an on-shore spouse visa. Not worried about the majority of the application process and documentation/evidence required, however, as my bloke is 'self employed' and for as long as I have known him has undertaken a variety of cash work as and when, I am rather concerned about how he will provide 2 years worth of employment records. He is not short and has bank statements to prove his financial situation is very secure, but does not have wage slips etc. Can anyone provide any advice on how stringent immigration are with regards to this aspect of the application and evidence please? I would be most grateful for any information. Cheers.
  8. Hello All Just a quick one.... I had to write a letter requesting our medical and dental records as we are due to leave the UK very soon. The dental records done no problem and we were call to say they were ready. However, the medical records are ready for collection but it will cost £80!!!! I am still gobsmacked as being a UK tax payer all my working life I am expected to pay an astronomical fee!! Am I being totally unrealistic or has anyone else encountered this??? :mad::mad: Do we really need our medical notes - bearing in mind two fit under 40's (just!)?? Many thanks :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  9. Guest

    Taking medical records

    I will be moving to Melbourne in a couple of weeks. Do I ask my GP and dentist for my medical records before I go or do I just start again when I get there?
  10. Guest

    Overrated records

    Just watching MTV classic and Wonderwall was played, overrated imo. what do you think and what other records do you think did not warrant the hype?:unsure:
  11. swifty99

    dental records?????

    Is it essential that i take copies of dental records with me when i emigrate, as unable to find the first dentist i was with for 15 years and current dentist only has record of work they have done????? CONFUSED :confused:
  12. I heard Vincent by Don Mclean on the wireless today and then checked the video out, awesome:notworthy:, i had forgotten about that record :yes:
  13. to all do we need to ask for our MEDICAL (GP) OR DENTAL records before we leave for australia or can australia gain access to them does anyone know regards craig
  14. Guest

    Doctors records etc,

    Hi, we havesorted out our medicare cards and now we are regerstering at our local medical centre in Qld. Was wondering if anyone knows how they get your previos records? Is it all electronic? Do I only need to give our english doctors address in? And how long does it take?
  15. emmaroo

    Medical Records

    Do you have to take a copy of your medical records with you to Oz?:eek: Thanks Emma :cute:
  16. Guest

    criminal records and 457 visa

    Hi there , I have just got a job working in Melbourne ....as a podiatrist on a 457 visa (or sponsored visa) . I am over the moon .....and so is my partner but .....my partner has a criminal record from 20 years ago ! He didn't go to prison ....but we are wondering whether or not this will effect our move down under? He is a changed man and has been for 20 years ....we are wondering whether or not this will stop us from living our dream?? Does he have to declare it? Also if we can get there on a temporary visa what are our chances of getting residency?
  17. stubear7

    criminal records check

    so im about to apply for my 1 years working holiday visa, does anyone have any idea how far the crb check goes. im a little concerned as i have a caution for a possesion of a class a drug about 6 and a half years ago. ive already passed a crb chek with the sia to become a doorman but their crb check only goes back 5 years, could anyone enlighten me on the australian goverments policys on crb checks. thanks in advance
  18. Guest

    crimainal records

    can anyone shed any light for me please how does it affect ppl moving to oz offence was i 8yrs ago :policeman:
  19. Guest

    doctor records,

    Hi all, its all coming very close, do i need to get health/medical records, I read a post before along time ago, and i think i remember reading that they are not needed, All experiences and help would be helpful, cheers all Tracey,
  20. Guest

    Vaccination Records.....

    Hi. Hope this doesn't sound silly, but when they say schools will require the child's vaccination records for enrolment, does that mean I will have to obtain an official letter from my paediatricians back home or is just showing them the vaccine card good enough? The worry here is that because we moved a couple of times when the kids were growing up, and hence they've had their vaccinations carried out by several doctors....would be a hassle to approach all of them.....
  21. I was in process of getting medical/dental records together and wondered if others have done it and found it advantageous, or is it worth saving up to £50 (depending on case notes) per set and leave without them. Thanks Karen
  22. Hi I have a question regarding the UK police check. Does an arrest record show up on the UK police check? I have an arrest record due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was completely acquitted and cleared and the police involved even apologised to me saying the arrest decision was made in haste. However according to them arrest records does not time out or removed even after you are cleared of the charge. So will this record show up on my police check and if so does it affect my chance of the OZ Visa? Thanks
  23. Hi all I am due to leave the UK on the 30th November and have a question about what happens to our medical records in the UK. I have a long standing medical issue which I will need my new GP in Aus to get up to speed with. When I saw my UK doctor (who happens to be a very laid-back Aussie) this morning he told me that there is no way to get my medical records to follow me to Australia. Surely this can't be right? He gave me some print outs of the last 6 months but I have had this medical condition for 12 years. Has anyone been in a similar situation? :unsure:
  24. Dawn75

    medical records ?

    Hi- do you take your medical records with you when you move to Oz ? We asked our dentist if we can have dental notes next yr and he said he keeps them and the new dentist will just do an examination and x ray when we join new practice. But what happens for doctors ? Do they give you your notes to take with you ?
  25. We're planning to move to Queensland at the end of December, so we are in the process of "de-cluttering" and getting rid of our tons of excess "stuff" that has accumulated over the years. One of the categories of said "stuff" is a filing cabinet full of all the bills, statements etc. that arrive in the course of living in UK I am wondering WHICH of these I should bring with us to Oz? Also, I have a neat scanner and was wondering about scanning lots of the bills and getting rid of the originals. Does anyone have any experience as to whether this will be acceptable to any Oz agencies etc? We already have a bank account set up at ANZ, so that's one layer of correspondence that we won't have to worry about. And we already have Medicare cards, having been in Oz on holiday. Can anyone give me some guidelines as to what other official documentation we are likely to need? Finally, I am assuming that 5 years worth of records ought to be sufficient for most purposes. Does this sound sensible? I know we had to prove a longer paper trail when I applied for my spouse visa, but with that and Permanent Residency in hand, is anyone ever likely to ask for bank statements etc. going back beyond 5 years? Obviously we will retain things like birth and marriage certificates - I am talking mainly about the other sorts of paperwork above. Would really value some insight / personal experiences please.