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Media Jobs in Perth?

Guest Ozchick

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Guest Ozchick

Hi Guys


I'm all over the place just now as I leave Glasgow for London (to see the folks) on Wednesday, before we fly out to Bali for 8 days, then start our new life in Oz.

Tomorrow night we're going to the SECC to see the Stereophonics (my favourite band) so I'm totally over excited about everything! :D


There IS a point to this post I promise :wink: ........OK, before I moved to Glasgow to live with the BF, I worked in the media industry in London, first in TV as a Stage Manager & after the fickle world of TV I found myself working for a record co.


What I'm wanting to find out is............do you think I could find media work like that in Perth? After doing some research I'm thinking no.

I reckon I'll need to be in either Sydney or Melbourne for that type of work, but I just wanted to pick your brains before I give up!

Does anyone know of any Radio/TV stations or any record co's in Perth?


Any feedback would be very much appriciated!






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Guest Mark&Justine

Hi there, just wanted to say, Good Luck in Perth, I am sure you will find a fantastic job! if not you can always start your own radio station!


Sterophonics! fantastic band, have seen them live a few times,


Have a great time in Bali, somewhere where I would love to go, perhpas will stop over when we finally get to Perth.


Good Luck


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