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Guest tracey trehearn

Job career change

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    Guest tracey trehearn

    hello all,


    This is my first post as we had decided not to go to Oz after visiting an emigration show. The problem is that although I am a nurse and should be ok with a job, my husband has been having a lot of trouble getting any answers about work for him in Brisbane/ Perth areas.


    He is a design engineer and uses computers to design gas fires and the technical drawings that go with them. His background is in production engineering, steel manufacture and welding. No-one at the show seemed able to tell us if there was any industry in these areas or even a website that could help.


    If anyone has any websites or advice in general I'd be really grateful and I don't want to give up on Oz just yet- been dreaming of it for the last 20 years!


    Thanks all.


    Tracey :D

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    Hi Tracy and welcome to the board - Just a wee baby at two weeks old! :D


    I too am an engineer and will hopefully moving to Perth in Sept (Fingers and legs crossed!). I found a couple of really good websites when I first started looking at jobs.

    The best by far was

  - oodles and oodles of engineering/design jobs but there is also


    Another good place to look would be the Australian Engineering Institute. Don't know there web address but googling it should find it!


    Hope this helps




    TackleBox - Fishing Australia stuff.

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    Guest tracey trehearn

    Dear Tim,


    Thanks for the help. I'll get him to look at those sites. Good luck with your move.



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