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Found 326 results

  1. Guys I am currently a Police Officer in the UK. Myself and Family are currently in the throws of applying for a 176 Visa :wacko:. As this would be a fresh start for us I am interested in making it a clean break for myself and changing career completely. But..... as it was such a longtime since I worked outside of the public sector ( 15 Years), my skills in the outside world I would imagine are not much use.....or am I wrong on this????. My question to you Guys out there is: Does anybody have any knowledge of what Job opportunities are out there for someone like me in Canberra e.g. Security etc, goverment depts?? I am pretty much open to anything and wouldn't be averse to using my knowledge and experience.
  2. guysecretan

    Thinking of moving to Australia

    I'm 32 and thinking of moving to Australia. I don't have a degree but do have A levels currently living in Bristol I have no criminal record but only work in temporary jobs don't have a specific skill of profession as such. Would I still be able to move there? Also, what are the negatives and positives of life there compared to the UK? The main reason I want to move is because I am really tired of this country the weather and lack of space etc Also I want to have different experiences and a change.
  3. So i have been working for a company for about 6 months...they did my initial 457, sponsoring me for the maximum 4 years...the work they thought they had dried up, so I am looking for a new employer and have found one. The company is an approved sponsor but there is a problem: they are under the impression that if they sign me up, they are effectively signing me up as a permanent employee for the duration of the sponsorship under law. No matter how much I plead, they won't listen that they are 2 separate things. Does anyone have official/semi-official proof that this is not the case? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I am considering a change of career when i emigrate to Oz, hopefully by the end of this year. I am a hard working 43 year old male who has worked in IT for a number of years but has always had an interest in most aspects of DIY. Is there anyone else out there who has gone out to Ox and retrained completely, if so how did you find it? I was thinking of a trade like carpenter or electrician, a lot of retraining I know but I'm sure anything is possible thanks graham
  5. I am currently sponsored by my employer on a 457 visa...I have accepted another job and the new employer has applied to take over the nomination..this has not been granted yet however I dnt foresee any problems...I know if I remain with current employer then I dnt need to reapply for my 457, just transfer nomination but what if I was to leave my current employer now while waiting for immi to approve new nomination? Would that cancel my visa and therefore mean I would have to reapply for another 457 from scratch? I know about the 90 days, working notice n work restrictions but im unclear on this...I knw its a risk in case new nomination refused but could nomination still be transferred even though i would have left current employer? Hope that makes sense. I just want to leave current job as soon as Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I am having to change my employer due to the position no longer being avaiable. I have found a new employer and am currently working my notice at my old employer. The problem i have is that i have a family of four to support as my husbands wage does not cover our bills, and i am being told that after i have finished with my old employer i will have to wait the time it takes to transfer the sponsership (which immigration are quoting takes three months currently) until i can work with my new employer. This is a problem as the new employer needs someone to start immidiatly as it is an urgent position and also if i dont work we will not be able to cover our outgoings. Any help or suggestions would be very welcomed. thank you Toni
  7. hi, im a qualified pipe fitter/welder from the uk and i am looking to work in the mines but no-one will help me until iv got aussie recognised certificates. does anybody know how i can change them over. thanks
  8. Currently looking for an experienced SAS Developer for the Bankwest IT & Change Management team, based in Perth CBD. The role is permanent and will pay up to $120k inclusive of super. Required skills listed below. Let me know if you are interested - you can reach me on +61 8 9449 5421. The essential skills we will be looking for are: - SAS modeling and programming - SAS base code development, review and debugging - SAS performance tuning - DI Studio - SAS Management Console - SAS Macros - Enterprise Guide - Business Objects - Datamarts Highly regarded skills for this role include... - Relevant SAS qualifications - Exposure to Agile development methodologies - SAS Credit Risk Management Solution for banking - Credit Risk business knowledge - SAS Reporting Web Studio - OLAP Cubes - Banking/Financial Institution experience
  9. jimithechew

    Do I tell CO about job change???

    Hi all, Am in a real dilema, we have a CO, but I have changed my job since applying for my visa, same industry, of sorts, but no classed as a job closly linked. My CO has not asked for further info in respects of my work, just the usual, police checks, meds etc.... Now my question is this, Has anyone faced a similar situation? what did you do? And should I tell them? shall I just cross my fingers and hope for the best? Please help!!!:confused: Cheers JTC
  10. Hi guys I just had my vetasses result after 4 months of waiting and its negative. I applied for archi draftsman but im actually an interior designer so now I need to change occupation to vetasses and need to pay $500 aud. Anyone here who experience this situation .. needed to change occupation in vetasses? How long did it take? thanks for anyone who will share :biggrin:
  11. hi all, so as always the first port of call when we have oz probs is here with you guys, so heres our next new prob. Been feeling low about it all, but knew id be fine once there, anyhow weve had a chat and a decision has been made. Its out of hands basically, we cannot sell our house weve dropped to nearly 20k under asking price not one viewer in 9 months, had it up for rent for 6 mths and been pissed around 3 times, we now have nothing!! some companies coming friday about buying it but will no doubt want to shaft us with some ridiculous low price we cant afford to take. so the upshot is this jamie has till wed to tell work if hes staying or taking his yr career break, we have to phone the shippers to find out where the furniture is incase we need to get it back, and luckily my boss said my jobs safe no matter what, so its looking very likely that our one way ticket in jan will now have to be a return validation trip. we are absolutely gutted, but trying to stay positive that we even have a visa :cry: thanks all K x
  12. Guest

    Change in circumstances

    Hi All I applied for GSM 175 (online) in August 2011. However, since then, I have had to renew my passport owing to which my passport number has changed. I have a few questions on this since I am doing it all alone, without the help of an agent. Any pointers would be sincerely appreciated. 1) I know there is a "change in circumstances" form which needs to be sent to DIAC. Since I uploaded all documents online, should I upload this form also to the same document repository, or should I email it to DIAC instead? 2) How many times can a "change in circumstances form" be uploaded/ emailed during the course of the application? I am asking this since I am staying in a hotel in Australia at the moment ( on a business visit) and will go back to my country. So will have to update the address change as well. 3) When i generate the forms for medical (160EH and one more), it comes autogenerated with my old passport number (since that is what I submitted the form with). Is there a restriction that I have to autogenerate this form, or can I simply download the blank form from http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/ and fill up manually? Thanks for all the support in advance Cheers IND175
  13. Hi after ages i have now an CO for 176 visa. Unfortunate im not really happy with my agent. The most of the documents are now subbmited (again) with an newer date on it. Now my question, will it affect the process when i decide now to finalize everything by my self?? Or is it enough when i send an mail to the Adelaide Team and tell them that i will now be in charge for the final documents? Or will they even ask questions why and this may affect my chances to get the visa????
  14. I have just been told that the skill is assessed (child care manager) and now no points issued. Then you apply for the visa and point I find this a little confusing as I need the points for eight year to make my visa add up can any shed some light on this:confused:
  15. Guest

    change of plan

    Well after a couple of stressful months and with only 8 weeks until we where due to emigrate, we have decided to re arrange flights accomodation and Validate our visa instead. We haven't sold our house, my wife hasn't visited and theres a few question marks over the finances needed, so we thought best to go and have a look 1st. so in Feb we have 3 weeks in a nice 4 bed house and we can see all the suburbs schools ect and take it from there. I would just like to say thanks to all those who have answered our queries and good luck to all those who are going soon, well done.:notworthy:
  16. Guest

    change from WA to QLD

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice for a friend please? My friend is about to gain his 176 SS visa for WA, although he is now thinking he would prefer QLD after he has done some traveling. I understand that "officially" he should go to WA for 2 years and then he came move to another state. He has a job offer for a company in QLD also? Can anyone give some advice on how immigration look at this? and what his options are?? thanks!:notworthy:
  17. Last week The Weazels (Mr and Mrs) locked the kids in the Cupboard and headed off to London to see one of our favourite Bands Blue October for the second time. To all those people reaching for the phone to ring Social Services just hang on a sec, we did give them food and water!! Anyway It was just simply brilliant really worth the measly £30 I paid for the tickets many times over! Unfortunately the Crowd just stood there nearly dead still, their one arm in the air with a fore finger poking some imaginary lift button like a Churchill Nodding dog in the back window of a Ford Granada. It was really sad to see, these people supposedly staunch Blue October fans looking like they had just died, it must have been disappointing for the lead singer Justin Furstenfeld and he is probably wondering why he even bothered with the 2 shows in the UK (opposed to 10 in Germany). Is this the face of the next generation of concert goers or am I just getting old and jumping around like a weazel about to be neutered is no longer Cool? [YOUTUBE]dDxgSvJINlU[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]OAvIvDyxrAY[/YOUTUBE] What is the likelihood of seeing any good music in OZ? Or is it a music backwater?
  18. MicheleW

    Change to 457 validity lengths

    Just noticed this whilst browsing the paper and thought it may interest some of you: http://news.brisbanetimes.com.au/breaking-news-national/skilled-workers-to-double-their-stay-20111102-1mvrs.html
  19. Hi, My name is Stefan and im 35 years old :yes: I have been reading through this site and found so many of the threads helpful. POMSINOZ are the only usefule forum in the net.. I stay here with my wife and now we like to change from a 457 visa to a 857.. and i have a couple question about this change any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Cheers Stefan Perth
  20. cartertucker

    Giving change of address.....

    Who do we need to notify of change of address? :unsure: Passport office, DVLA??? :confused: Im not sure?
  21. aussiechick2006

    Name change on passport

    I've just discovered that my Aussie passport that is still in my maiden name runs out in Jan 12. And were moving back later on in the year. Can I just renew it still in my maiden name even though i'll be using is as evidence to support my husbands partner visa application. I only ask as I dont have a proof of name change certificate to officially change my name on mu passport. just my marriage certificate. :arghh: Many thanks AC
  22. I'm sorry but I think 11 is too young for a little boy to decide he wants to become a girl:no: A LESBIAN couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy wants to be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty, so that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender. The couple's supporters say the Hormone Blocking Therapy has only minor side effects and is appropriate for a child who is unsure of his gender. "This is definitely a changing landscape for transgender youth," said Joel Baum, director of education and training for Gender Spectrum, a California-based non-profit group. "This is about giving kids and their families the opportunity to make the right decision." But critics of the treatment say 11-year-olds are not old enough to make life-altering decisions about changing their gender, and parents should not be encouraging them.
  23. That will teach me to stay out late and sleep in late. 3pm news on WS FM 31 in the city 30 in the west. 4pm 24 in the city by still 30 in the west - That's odd? I can feel the wind outside my balcony here in Surry Hills. Top of 20 tomorrow with showers. Typical!
  24. Hi there, I would really appreciate any advice from people about the reality of commuting. My husband has a job in Fortitude Valley and we have always liked to live next to the sea. (Not so worried about waves etc). I think Manly would be nice but we want to know what the reality of living there is with the commute to work. Particularly when our kids are school aged this will become more difficult. I will get a job at one of the major hospitals eventually, but I will need to be flexible about which hospital I work at to some extent so this may limit me. If we live in Manly I would consider Logan or the PA but I am not sure what the travel to those hospitals would be like. My preference would be manly to live but we are not keen on spending masses of time in the traffic anxious about picking up kids etc. Just wondering if anybody knows exactly how bad it really is. Otherwise would we be better off living in Ascot and just visiting the sea in the weekend? Sorry about the rambling, I know it is personal to some extent but any advice would be appreciated. I am not sure if we can trust the real estate agents opinions. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
  25. young2682

    More change, HELP!

    Hey, We have been all over looking at properties and now my husband will be working in Bentleigh east! So with urgency of getting my daughters name down at a school I call upon you to help me with a decision on suburbs surround Bentleigh east for a 3 bed place at $400pw budget..... Location is important as are good schools, would welcome any advce you can give with open arms :hug: Many thanks, :wubclub: