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Plastering work in Brisbane

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    Guest debs

    Hi everyone


    Thanks for the replies to my last question, now i wonder if anyone can tell me what the average, daily rate for plasteres and or builders is, in the brisbane area and if there is plenty of work in and around brisbane?


    Many thanks in advance for your help.



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    Guest dodge

    my friend works in the redlands area of brisbane, he plasters for a small company and makes @ $ 2000 per week. he also does rendering with a product called rock cote, its what most of the brick homes are finished with over here

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    hello all,

    i am new to this site , i am from northern ireland and myself and OH ( WHO IS A PLASTERER) are patiently awaitin our visas from last oct !!!! so as you can guess we gettin a little pissed off at this stage.. but by findin this site at least we now have hope of what oz has to offer .. so glad to see the wages are good as we had seen on another site an they were a bit lower so at least we can smile until we hear some news fron our agent... have to say this site has loads of info that i never got on the other site so keep it comin..

    cheers caza

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        Hi Everyone or anybody!
        I am at the very early stages of planning to move to Australia hopefully successfully on a 189 skilled visa. Now I have been to Australia a couple of times before and know from the get go plastering is very different in many ways to here in the UK. I also have done a fair bit of research to what I understand about the application of the 189 visa. I have been plastering since I have left high school, where I also became qualified in NVQ LEVEL 2 through a college/ company sponsored apprenticeship. I am now 30 years old so I have over 7+ years work experience. However in the last 2 years I changed jobs into a different industry completely. Became a travel agent in fact. This is coming to a end now though as I will become a self employed plasterer again.
        My point and question is that I am confused as I would like to know if I can still apply for the 189 visa with me not plastering in the last 2 years?
        I should be able to prove my NVQ LEVEL 2 qualifications as I have all the certificates etc...
        I should be able to even find some payslips etc, to prove my level of skill and employment in the last few years but not in the last 2-3 years. However any advice on what documents is exactly NEEDED  to prove would be great help!
        In fact any advice on the matter from any one in the same situation or applying for the 189 skilled visa would also be much appreciated!
      • By Mtotheb81
        Hi Guys 
        We are seriously considering moving to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast but are a bit lost in terms of where to move. 
        We are looking for great junior and High schools, ideally state but open to private. Ideally somewhere not to isolated but not too busy! The dream is to be close to the sea but willing to travel 1hr to go to the beach. Want to avoid the Gold Coast. 
        Our main concern is everywhere we look in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast has flood risks! We did think of Buderim but it seems very sleepy which I’m not sure will be good for teenagers. We also looked at Red cliff but seems a bit isolated and run down. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks for your time!
      • By MrsWayLay17
        We're looking to settle in Hervey Bay. Originally being from Brisbane I can't envisage us living back in a big city.  Does anyone have any links with HB and know if it would be well suited for a family of four with their children of Primary school age.  What is the employment scenario like there? I've looked online and that's been helpful but I was hoping some of you would be able to give their insight.  
        Are there any areas around HB (Not Maryborough) that you think is worth checking out? Keen to go anywhere from Bribie Island area right up towards Bundy but not quite as far as that! HB preferable. 
      • By ausj
        Long time reader, first time poster. I have been researching visas for awhile and now it's getting closer to the time I need to make plans.  
        Our situation:
        I am an Australian citizen who has been in the UK on a working holiday visa which is set to expire in Feb 2018. It’s looking like it would be difficult for me to get a work visa in the UK for a few reasons. The main issues being that the company I work for is small, isn’t on the registered list of sponsors and the fact that the business needs to prove they’ve advertised the job for 2 months and can’t fill it locally. 
        This doesn’t bother me too much because I feel ready to move back to Australia. However, I can’t just think about myself as my boyfriend (UK citizen) is here. We are both in our 20s. We have only been together for a year but things are going well and we are planning a future together. He is open to the idea of moving to Aus (we’re going there later this year and I’m sure he’ll fall in love with it haha). FYI - We do not live together.
        It’s tricky timing as he’s just got a promotion at his job. He works for a large international company which may come in handy for us if they are willing to sponsor him. His qualifications/experience is in marketing, account management, sales and E-retail management.
        We have been looking at what Aus visa options there are for him and I’m wondering what would be best.
        Work visa – Does his experience qualify for a work visa after the changes to the skills list? Does a company need to sponsor him? Work sponsorship – Perhaps the Australian office of his company could sponsor his visa? Working Holiday visa – As he is under 30 it seems easiest to just get a working holiday visa to start with. However, it’s a real shame you can only work at a company for a maximum of 6 months. If he entered on a working holiday visa, started working at a company and they wanted to sponsor him after 5 months can he switch to another visa type? Partner – This doesn’t seem possible as we don’t live together yet I understand work visas don’t count towards eventual permanent residency, is that correct?
        There’s so much to think about with both our jobs, visas and moving that I have been getting a bit stressed by it but I’m trying to get the process started sooner rather than later. I appreciate any insight people have.  
      • By palmtrees
        Hi everyone,
        Just looking for some advice and hoping someone can help me with income tax while on a 417 visa in Australia and how it works. 
        I understand there is information online but it can be quite unclear so I wanted to see if someone can help me- I have started working for a company and get paid monthly. I received my first pay last Friday, but I was taxed more than expected. 
        My understanding is the income tax for people on WHVs changed in Jan 2017, and we are now taxed 15% on every dollar earned, until we have earned $37,000 total and then the income tax increases to around 32%. The payroll at work said my tax was higher than expected because they put me down as a 'resident for tax purposes' and overlooked what I had actually written on the tax declaration form.
        They are now telling me I should in fact be taxed more than I have been already, as they said the 417 tax is split throughout the year so are saying because they will eventually be paying me over $37000 total, my tax is not 15%. I was under the understanding that it isn't worked this way, and it is a flat rate 15% tax UNTIL you have earned $37,000?
        Please could someone help clear this up for me? I'm quite sure I am right however payroll are now ignoring my emails after saying it will be set up how they have suggested (which I believe is incorrect). And it's a few hundred dollars different for me so can't really afford to wait until next tax year end to claim it all back 
        NB: I have called ATO as my employer wanted an exemption letter (I'm sure this isn't necessary as it's not an exemption- it's how the tax works?!) but the ATO said they can't supply this and that they cannot help anymore as it's personal tax advice