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Found 50 results

  1. Hey All, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with trying to get a skills assessment in plastering by completing a fast track NVQ level 3 course, i have all the experience required apart from the qualifications! Is a Fast track NVQ course a possibility? Thanks Jess
  2. Hi Everyone or anybody! I am at the very early stages of planning to move to Australia hopefully successfully on a 189 skilled visa. Now I have been to Australia a couple of times before and know from the get go plastering is very different in many ways to here in the UK. I also have done a fair bit of research to what I understand about the application of the 189 visa. I have been plastering since I have left high school, where I also became qualified in NVQ LEVEL 2 through a college/ company sponsored apprenticeship. I am now 30 years old so I have over 7+ years work experience. However in the last 2 years I changed jobs into a different industry completely. Became a travel agent in fact. This is coming to a end now though as I will become a self employed plasterer again. My point and question is that I am confused as I would like to know if I can still apply for the 189 visa with me not plastering in the last 2 years? I should be able to prove my NVQ LEVEL 2 qualifications as I have all the certificates etc... I should be able to even find some payslips etc, to prove my level of skill and employment in the last few years but not in the last 2-3 years. However any advice on what documents is exactly NEEDED to prove would be great help! In fact any advice on the matter from any one in the same situation or applying for the 189 skilled visa would also be much appreciated! Thank
  3. simmo

    On The Tools

    Because PIO has traditionally had a lot of tradies as members I thought it was about time we had our own thread. I'll start with some funny videos.
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help me. My OH is a plasterer and has been for 4 years. We're hoping to go on an Independent 175, and are starting to prepare the skills assessment. Will an NVQ Level 2 in Plastering be sufficient? Where is the best place to find out exactly what the TRA want to see in your application, I can't find much on the website!!! Any advice about TRA and pathways greatly appreciated! Becca and Stephen
  5. Hi everyone, Im a plasterer in the uk and will be arriving in Brisbane on the 23rd of sept, and I can't wait. I have a wife and 2(young 3+1) children and we want a better lifestyle for us all. I just wondered what the building trade was like in Brisbane. I've heard it's home quiet but then someone said its really busy( confused). What do I need to get going? I've got my white card already to get things moving. Also how's the best way to approach for work? Send resumes or approach direct? I know these are lots of questions but I know you can help Thanks
  6. stephaniepomroy

    plastering jobs @ sponsor...HELP

    hello,my partner is due to come out to Queensland (runaway bay) in 4 weeks.he a plasterer here in the uk and this is what hes coming to oz to try and do, ALTHO almost every company iv emailed reguading a succor job for him iv had no reply! hes coming out on a WHV as this was the quickest way he could get out there, we soooo desperate to get out there, im staying here in the uk with our children while hes there we are hopeing he can get some kind of sponsor for us as a family unit but now im thinking its impossible as no1 has replied to any emails. im hopeing its because hes in the uk still and there after some1 on Australian turf. any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. steph xx
  7. stephaniepomroy

    HELP!! Plastering? Mining? QLD

    Hello, my partner is coming out to QLD sept on a WHV, hes staying with a family friend whos lives in the runaway bay region! hes currently a plasterer here in the UK, with 9 years experience! we no that plastering isnt done the same out in Oz but where do we start? would he have to become a labourer to learn the new skills?? whats the average wage?? were also lookin into the mining industry but with no experiance how difficult can this be? iv read lots of positives and negatives online but could do with some helpfull advice!! our main aim is to obtain sponsorship so that myself and our kiddies we have together can join him out in Oz. are we asking to much?? and how hard can this really be? .. T.I.A X
  8. Hi all... Really sorry if I'm going over old ground here but I'm just hoping to finally get some things straight in my head after lots of confusion! My boyfriend Craig and are desperate to move to Perth. Craig is a plasterer with an NVQ2 and 8+ years experience. I have a fair few questions so I do apologise in advance but I'd be so grateful for any answers! I don't qualify for enough points on my own, so I'm hoping I can go out on Craig's visa, despite not being married. We've lived together for 2+ years so we've read that we can be considered as a de facto relationship – is this correct? If so, what evidence of our relationship should we start to collate (if any)? Can Craig go straight to the TRA with his NVQ or does he need to get an AQFIII? If he needs an AQFIII, is it better/cheaper to get this in the UK or in Aus? Do you know how much it's likely to cost and can you recommend any companies? We are hoping to apply for state sponsorship from WA, then apply for our PR visa (176 visa I think?) what is the process for this – is it straightforward? We are hoping to do this without an agent to avoid the fees – is this advisable? How likely are we to mess it up going it alone?!! I've read that we will need $20k per applicant plus $5K per dependant (so $25K for us)We're both young (I'm 23) and don't have a house to sell so we're going to have to save the money – will our bank accounts be checked to make sure we have this money when we get the visa (as we may not have it all by then!!)? How long is the whole process likely to take if we start now? Once again, so sorry for all of the questions and massively appreciate your help at this scary / frustating / exciting time!! Thanks, Rhianna
  9. We're on our validating trip to Tasmania and we're getting a idea what living is Tassie is. I love a lot of things, but also worry about a lot of things also. :nah: One of them is a job for my husband, he just realised over here that an own plastering company is not his ambition. He's really thrown by this.... :no: Now he's looking for larger companies he can apply for a job. Or at least get a feeling what plastering in Tasmania is about. He will also ask his friend who has a handyman service here, but I would really appreciate your input too. :hug:
  10. Hi All, What would be the best tactics for a couple of blokes looking for roofing & plastering work in WA. To be honest we dont have work visas but are hoping to find sponsors when we arrive in a couple of weeks time. Do you think its realistic/possible to do it this way? Were both too old to get WHVs so need to find sponsors. It sounds like there is plenty of work just at the moment & we dont mind moving around in order to find work. I believe there is plenty of work in the Karatha/Port Hedland area. Anyone have experience of working up around there? Many thanks....Smigs....
  11. jgt

    machine plastering

    Hi all, new to site, wondered if any one knows if their using machine applied plaster render etc out their any help appreciated,:cool:
  12. Hi all, I'm currently applying for a visa, hoping to get a plastering job in Brisbane. Can anyone tell me what kind of wages I could expect if I get out there? I've looked on websites but they never say. Thank you for any replies!
  13. Guest

    plastering in oz

    hi looking to move me and my young family out to oz:biggrin: need some advice on where to look for plastering work or if i can get sponsered out there. nvq qualified. just dont know where to start so if any of you know any one looking for plasterers let me know:smile:
  14. Hi This is my first post on PIO and I have been reading other threads and have found this site really helpful. I am a fully qualified plasterer with a NVQ 2 and 3. I am hoping to start my visa application in the next few days and wondered what the job situation for plasterers is like in Brisbane. I am applying under subclass 176 as father in law lives in Brisbane and am aware that my qualification needs to be recognised by TRA. Will I need to do a practical test? I have had enough of this cold weather and having been to Brisbane for 7 months before, want to go back! Any feedback would be fantastic. Cheers.
  15. Hi, does anyone know of anyone with work for a solid plasterer? Moved over November 2008 and hubby worked solid plastering until a few months ago, when work dried up. He's currently doing casual work in a factory just to make ends meet but wants to get back into the trade. We are based in Mandurah, but he is willing to travel reasonable distance for the work. He has his own ute and most of his own tools too, Blue Card etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Hi everyone! My husband and 2 children are looking into moving to oz and at the moment we're researching which state to move to - one of the priorities for us is there is plenty of plastering work - does anyone know which state there would be plenty of this type of work? thanks in advance
  17. Guest

    plastering jobs wa

    I am 29 year old irish guy looking for work in wa, have 13 years expirence, i have tools and transport as well, I was wondering if anyone out there would have a contact number, or know where i can pick up some work. i am living in daglish at the moment but i am finding it hard to pick up work, my phone number is 0466909164 Thank you Damien
  18. Hi there, I have just returned from a week in Perth where I have completed the AQF 111 Solid Plastering. I did the course with Silver Trowel in Perth and I would definitely reccommend them to anyone thinking of doing it. It actually worked out cheaper to fly over and do the course in Perth than to do it here in the UK. Plastering in Australia is very different to here in the UK and if anyone is planning to do the course and would like any information about it then feel free to get in touch. Wal
  19. janinewhiteley


    Hi We are new to the poms in oz site. can anyone help us please. We had to rush our app through as my husband was to turn 45 on the 3rd june 2010. We have a very good migration company helping us due to the time scales we were up against. We had our AQF111 ongoing and we had just had the confirmation that it was all ok and we were to go to next stage , when the oz govenment suspended all apps till 1st July. As you can imagine the frustration and upset when this happened (like many of us)as he is now 45 years old and can no longer get in on the visa we were working on cos the age limits... can anyoune advise us ... He is a time served plasterer and a very good one at that. :cry: thx janine
  20. Guest

    AQF III plastering

    Hi, my OH has his Aussie trade assessment for plastering coming up shortly. He has many years experience, but is worried about the Trade test. Has anyone had the assessing body come out to the workplace and can give any advice or tips? Any advice given will be much appreciated, thanks, Sarah x x
  21. I have lots of exposed brick wall in my house which I want to cover up. It makes it very dark inside. But I am not sure whether it needs to be plastered, rendered or gyprocked! Does anyone have any advice? The walls go up at an angle to cathedral ceilings so I am guessing that gyprocking is slightly more complicated in that instance? They are quite high in places - like 4 - 5m at the top point. Anyway, if anyone has any advice for me I'd would be very grateful. Oh .......and I also need someone to do it for me - plus some other building work!!!! I am in the Redlands area of Brisbane. Love Rudi x
  22. Guest

    Plastering NSW

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what blue/white card is needed for a plasterer in NSW and how my other half would go about getting one and can we apply in UK? Any info thankfully received. Lisa
  23. Guest

    plastering jobs

    Hi new to the forum, thinking of moveing with my family to oz.I have had my work visa accepted and a possible sponsor of my work visa. sponsor company told me they wud def sponcor me but have to find job first how can i do this if not sure when cuming out please help :wacko: im a plasterer and wondering the best place 4 work and my family thanks
  24. Complete plastering setup includes 7.4 John papas trailour (caged),only one year old. Box rule T-bars Wheel barrows Cement mixer and more. We also have a dedicated LPG Ford AU XL Falcon ute 2001 that we will need to sell also.Can sell as a package or ute can be sold separately You can contact me by PM me. Cheers Also will be looking for someone to take over our lease for our rental in Butler area.
  25. Guest

    AQF 111 Solid Plastering!!

    Hi, I found a post about the above from walthepasterer from a year ago but my attempts to follow up have not been successful. It's to do with a course in Solid Plastering at the Silver Trowel in Perth and I'm keen to know how valuable this course is viewed in the UK, if the experience will help my son apply for imigration in Aus and if there are any problems doing this course on a tourist visa? He's in Perth at the moment, will probably be coming home at the end of January but really wants to stay in Aus permanently. He's done plaserting in Perth, the course may help him with visa points etc.. Anyone know? Kymosabi