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Partner 309/100, siblings question


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Im sponsoring my partner on. 309/100 visa and one of the questions she has to answer is to give names, d.o.b,nationality and current status of all her siblings.Well she has 4 sisters and 5 brothers. The main issue is that the family is quite divided and their details not known in some cases. None of the siblings are included in the application.

My question is, how accurate does one need to be with this information? No documents are required to prove who the siblings are,so im thinking would Australian immigration even know if one or two were left out.

Has anyone any ideas on this one or been in a similar situation?

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Agree with above. It's only name and DOB isn't it? Possibly marital status.


If you can't find it all out, write on the form (or the page for extra info) and explain to CO.

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