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Anyone working in Sports/Human Movement Sciences?????

Jay Collison

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Hi all,


This is my first post to the forum so please be nice :biggrin:


I am currently a final year undergraduate in Sport and Exercise Science.


I am looking for anyone in Oz that is now working in applied sport science who can offer any advice!


I am thinking of doing a Masters' by Research/Diss so I can gain specific skills that I can take to Oz.


I would love to hear from anyone that has chosen this career path!

Many Thanks


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Can't help but my son has just wasted 1 yr studying Justice and started afresh studying SHMS. he originally wanted to do physio but didn't get a high enough OP to qualify so is going this route with a view to using it as credit towards physio when he's completed it. He's very sporty and "pumps iron" and also eats us out of house and home so the nutrition part should come easy to him. He's no duck egg so I'm sure he wouldn't be involving himself in something that doesn't offer him a good opportunity for a career.


Good luck.

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