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Do reference job titles matter for migration applications


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Hi guys, please help me and the OH out with some info as we're unsure about whether our migration agents info is completely true!


When you applied for your visa/EOI did the jobs you counted for experience points have the same title as the occupation title you were applying for?


The OH is applying as a software engineer (he is currently a senior programmer and has been with his company for 3 years) and was hoping to count his previous role for experience points but his job title was systems administrator and was never changed to reflect coding. . .will this matter? I'd have hoped it'd be the job description that mattered more.



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Can anyone help?


When it came to your employer references (For points assessment) did you put down job titles that are exactly the same as the occupation code you are applying for? Or were any of them different (perhaps with a job description that matched the job code)? And if so did it go through okay?


I don't see how we can expect employers here to call job titles exactly as the codes are set.


Thank you

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no my title is different and it was okay it's all down to the tasks and whether they correlate with Anszco description.


Thanks so much for replying. That's really helpful. We're going to try and get our application together asap:biggrin:

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