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Newly qualified children's nurse from UK with Australian citizenship


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Hi everyone


Just wondering if you can help. I am finishing children's nursing in 5 months time and want to move straight to Perth after i get my NMC pin through ect. I am already an australian citizen (due to living there when i was younger) but i am getting mixed messages about what i need to do. I understand i need to register with AHPRA etc, but lots of people are telling me to either get at least 6 months experience in the UK or get onto the graduate scheme. Preferably i would love to apply for RN position straight away seeing as I'm already Paediatric trained. If anyone knows any information on what route i should take then i would really appreciate any advice. I want to come out to Perth ASAP so getting experience isn't a welcomed idea or option really.


thanks a lot,



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Newly qualified nurses here tend to do a 12 month graduate programme. It's worth applying but places for overseas trained nurses will be hard to come by with priority given to Australian trained nurses. Having citizenship means you won't need a visa. Nothing to stop you applying for RN posts, but do bare in mind that it is a competative process and your application as a newly qualified may be up against someone who has experience as a qualified nurse. My personal view is to get some experience, it's a different role being a qualified autonomous practioner than it isbeing a student. 6 months experience will give you confidence and you'll be able to back up any interview questions eg about running a shift with actual examples because you'll have done it.

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