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Melbourne Suburbs


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We are hoping to make the move out to Melbourne next year. We already have our visas in place having moved to Sydney in 2011 and then returning to the UK.


At the moment we are trying to look into affordability, and the first part of this is identifying areas we could live in order to price it up.


Ideally we are after an area that is close to the beach, commutable to the CBD and has good schools (we have 4 kids who will be 10, 8, 6 and 5 when we plan to move). We have been been looking at the Chelsea/Edithvale/Aspendale area.


Does anyone on here know this area? Would it fit the bill for what we are looking for?


Many thanks,


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Hi John .

We live in Aspendale. All the areas you have mentioned are very family friendly. We can walk to the beach in 10 mins. All areas are on the Frankston Line which takes approx 45 mins from here into Flinders Street. There are alot of activities for children in the area including dance schools , drama , oz kicks , cricket and nippers. Schools also have a great reputation. My daughter attends Aspendale Primary School. There are quite a few expat children already at the school and 3 of the teaching staff are from the Uk. Check real-estate.com.au for current rental prices in the area. The advice I would give you is to also check the prices to buy in these areas , whilst we love renting here , we are looking to buy by the end of the year and for our budget we could only afford a house which would need work or a smaller unit. Also check out Chelsea Heights and Aspendale Gardens which are great family areas , 10 mins away and very affordable.

All the best


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As an option have you checked out the outer east ? You could go bush instead of beach, if you like to live amongst the gum trees. Tecoma and Upwey are extremely affordable areas with great public transport (Belgrave line) and access to schools (East or West).

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Aspendale, Edithvale, Chelsea, Bon Beach, Carrum are all ok. I lived for eleven years in Edithvale and my children went to St Louis de Montfort primary school. Long time ago and all the people I knew back then apart from one friend have all moved further down to South Frankston and Mont Eliza now. My friend has lived in Edithvale for 30 years and they live on the beach front in Edithvale. Her son went to primary school there and she was happy with it. He went to Parkdale High School though. Parkdale is very nice as well. The beaches are good for children along there as its calm and shallow. Although my son says its a bit dodgy at Chelsea these days at the beach, his friend has a beach hut on Chelsea Beach. Areas away from the main roads down from Keysborough, Dingly and Springvale at the beach the small streets are the best access for the beaches.

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